Is my plant okay?

Hey guys so im currently growing white widow autoflower and white widow feminised they are both 7 days old today just wondering on peoples opinions first time growing autos it looks slower then the photo period im using seedling soil mixed with coco perlite yesturday gave them some blood and bone meal they seem to have liked it
First one is the white widow autoflower looks small but is gaining its second set of leaves
currently leave them outside during day then under cfls for 3-4 hours
This is my whiye widow autoflower

This is the white widow photo period

Thoughts and any help is appreciated


They look great to me bud! There more then likely still focusing on root development! Give it time grasshopper everything will be good lol…they look nice and healthy

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Looking great, do not give them to much water.

Thankyou @Kroncaddycustoms does the autoflower look smaller then how one usually is? Or once its roots develop it should take off? Also @Hungrybud i think my photo period is a little overwatered? Cheers guys!

Ya they will take off once the roots get situated! I could grow 4 of the same strain and everyone will be different lol sometimes the genetics are not consistent

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I asked the same question when I was at the stage you are at :D. Yours honestly looks great and much better than mine did. Mine was almost stagnant for about 3 weeks and then all the sudden, like others state, will grow like crazy soon. Levels of watering couldn’t be stressed more. I ended up overwatering my first plant and it died… I now give this new one a good watering every 6ish days, but I spray the leaves twice a day and I am not seeing any sort of damage to the leaves. I have been doing that for the past two weeks. Make sure the PH levels are good when you water and spray.

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thankyou @kyberky and i dont think i overwatered her to much as shes pointing up again

Looking good! Best of luck on your grow

Thinking forward mate… what media mix & pot size have you got planned for transplanting?

Very light worm tea mix is also good for seedling stage

@GreenCoat probably the same so to a gallon of coco perlite i do 2-3 handfuls of seedling soil i only have seedling soil and to 4 and 3 gallon pots pots are cheap so will buy bigger if needed

Ok, Just be mindful that the “soil” has no water crystals mixed in.

@GreenCoat what are water crystals?

Gel beads… they are fairly common in bags of potting mix. You just have to read what the seedling soil you have and what it is made up of.

They are put in because to help retain water. You dont want anything synthetic in your media that takes the control from your own hands. They can mess this up and difficult to maintain control over your media.

This is the ww auto on its 8th day @kyberky

And this is the ww photo period 8 th day

And @GreenCoat will coco+perlite mixed with seed soil not retain water? Or you mean for the bigger pots because of drainage holes? And yes i have @GreenCoat

You want the best of both worlds.

Good natural water retention with good drainage. What’s your ratio of perlite and coco ?

Drainage I mean you dont want your roots being in too much wet coco without oxygen.

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Dont skimp on the perlite. That’s why it’s a good idea to add a 3-4 part media so each one compliments each other at the right ratio.

For eg
Coco coir 20-30%
Perlite 50-60%
Vermiculite 10-15%%
Good potting mix 10-15%

Perlite is the most important… think of perlite like a airaitor in water

@GreenCoat the coco perlite i bought in a bag is 70/30 mix and to a gallon and a handful or 2 seedling soil
70% coco 30 perlite

When your vegetative stage begins (first 5 finger leaf) or when you transplant I would research media mixes or continue asking others here for their advice. I’m just getting you to think about setting a good foundation for the next 3 mths.

My grow journals

There are so many great grow journals on here. Do a search :slightly_smiling_face:

@GreenCoat thanks ill be sure to be always following and posting about my updates im trying to keep it very simple as ive already splurged my money last thing i bought was a ppm meter next thing i invest in will probably be soil instead of coco but is more perlite better with soil/coco? 70/30 seems abit high for coco i have a 300w led grow light (dont know if its good or even can make plants grow paid $50 for it no brand name) and a grow tent etc but my tent can only fit 1