Is my plant maturing too fast?

Question from a fellow grower:

Sir I need your advise on a plant I am growing I now very little about
the strain its a seed I found in my stash I took the chance and it
turned out to be female but I am having trouble I’m not sure if my plant
is maturing to fast or not but its only flowering about 15 days and the
pistil hair are already turning orange
I send a picture if need more I’ll send thank you so much I want to
smoke some of it cause it was dank stock I got from my guy now I’m
growing to save and help my need for the plant it is the best experience
so far and now this issue worry me

Yes, I think we need more pictures,it really is hard to say what is going on with your plant in this picture.

Also what type of light schedule do you have it under?


Thanks MacG I was gunna answer it but didn’t know how to so i left it for some one with more experience to answer, again thanks

Some more pics:

I’m gunna leave this to MacG, if I knew how to go about answering I would

Yeah, I’m still not totally sure what is going on, this person has not yet responded with what light schedule they have this pant under. I mean if they are using 12/12, then of course it should be flowering. Not only that, it doesn’t look like newer pictures, so we don’t even know how the plant is progressing. It could be flowering because it should be, who knows until we can get some decent information about what they are doing to this plant. If it is 15 days under 12/12, it looks like it would be on schedule, right? Who knows why the pistils are the color they are, they don’t necessarily look like they are drying out. Again, we need clearer pictures and more info.


Thank you buddy, I was thinking the same thing but really didn’t know how to answer. If he gets up with further information I’ll help him out the best I can but until more info is provided as you have just stayed than not much we can really do, and when it’s all provided I’ll jump on it. Again thank you I appreciate you coming in again and sharing your opinion


The pictures are taken the same day just different light I
have florescent and hi power sodium 150 watt on 14 hour on 10 hour off
the pistils seem to sprout out new white ones everyday but it ain’t
getting any bigger yet it seems as if it slow down on growth and the
leaves are deformed still

Just to add some strains do flower faster than others - with onny 14 days flower - what you are seeing is /are the start of bud development which is the Pre-flower Stage of growth and last from 1-2 week after the 12/12 light switch. Noe w is the time for you to start your “flower time” count down - Strain growing ? Great looking “project” !!!

Hay I just joined the forum and it is my plant which I need the advice for it is growing well just the leaves keep forming into misshaped leaves they look foxtailed but stretched out

Could be due to ph being off your in flower you should have 12/12 also flowering your plant has to stay at 12hours of light 10 hours at the least but shouldn’t ever be over 12 hours, if course unless it’s auto flower them it could flower in a 24 hour light cycle, but any thing over 12 hours will make your plant produce faster and unevenly and ruins yeild potency etc. It could also stress your plant and turn it hermie

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OK, some strains do seem to start flowering with as little as 10 hours darkness outdoors.

If it is this long light cycle that should be keeping it in veg, there are the pre-flowers to think about. But I don’t think this is just pre-flowers.

On many strains these pre-flowers can seem to get pretty prolific, and especially on clones that are kind of old. It might be a genetic thing, and might be from the equatorial strains that naturally themselves could survive a very long time, and even have more than one season outdoors. They’ll get to a certain age and seem to want to stay in an almost perpetual semi-flower, not quite pre-flower and certainly not full flower, and actually maybe flower 2 times a year, during the two separate flowering seasons some of these equatorial areas have. Also seedlings can naturally grow from seed to flower in these separate seasons.

I seem to have been able to force clones out of this state by making sure the light is not only a long day cycle but longer than the one you are using, more of a 16/8 or even 18/6, even 24/0 if it’s a clone – not a seedling.

Also a decent amount of light intensity is needed. You might want to try bringing the lights a lot closer for this added intensity. This is what you want to do if you are trying to get it to veg longer, and get it to bush out.

With a seedling, I think a longer light period might be needed to also get this plant to veg better, but don’t be surprised if you might get a sex reversal (hermaphrodite flowers), this will have some to do with the genetics of the seed as well, if you are lucky it will be a true female and won’t have a tendency to hermi.

Also stress can be a contribution, as mentioned, but I’m suspecting you mostly need a longer photo period for this strain if you want to maintain veg.

happy growing,



Uploading… just an update on what she looks like week later