Is my plant gonna die?

i agree :100: %. dont add anything else right now till she gets back online. let her dry a bit. if she is dry add plain water just a bit. no more flushing. she wont last next time. some strains do better than others in MG. thats just been my experience.

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Ok thanks for the help ill post sn update in a week

Out of likes brother, but thanks for helping @Trouthunter42 out. :love_you_gesture:

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thats what we are all here for.


Amen to that brother!


@Trouthunter42 almost been a week. Sorry, I’m impatient.

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@FullyMedicated so do u recommend using miracle gro? I had a few bags of some organic MG in a black and yellow bag, but I returned them and got fox farm ocean forest instead. I haven’t had any problems, I’m loving the FFOF so far, but u said u don’t have to check runoff and all that stuff? That would kind of be ideal for me. I’m only on my first grow right now and I have all the meters I need, but my tds meters didn’t come with instructions or a calibration kit. Only the pH meter did. Anyway, would u recommend MG. U honestly like how it grows?

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thanks for asking my opinion. i will never recommend anyone to use MG. if you’ve already started in MG its ok. it works and will carry u thru to harvest with autos without adding anything but a bloom/pk boost durring flowering. you said your in Ffof. stick withit. i never checked my ph or tun off due to the unknown with the MG. not to say u shouldn’t. flushing will do no good either as your just over feeding. some strains can handle it most wont. if your ok with a decent amount of bud at ok quality go for it.

Fair enough. I’ll stick with the FFOF. I was gonna ask how ur able to flush at the end of flowering. I have the fox farm trio liquid nutes too to go with the soil. I just don’t know if these tds meters are accurate already or not, ones a tds ec meter and the other is just a tds meter. Idk. I know I like how this souls working so far tho so I’m gonna stick with it

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i am also onto the FFOF i have my last two plants in flowering in the last of the MG. all the rest are FFOF.

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@Trouthunter42 how u makin out with the MG?

Well I dont really know what to make of it shes definitely struggling but I think shes still trying to put energy into her buds. Haven’t done much but try to water correctly. What do yall think? I’ve got another photo in there that’ll be done in 2 weeks after that I’ve got a few autos and photos mixed going in rotation. Keep her around?

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id keep her around. she came this far let her finish. looks to me like you could let her go an extra day between watering. remove those big fan leaves to. will open her up.


Right on, probably too late to take a clone? Lol

One of my other mg plants haven’t done much but feed it pk

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