Is my plant gonna die?

So this plant used to be beautiful and perky, I switched to flower and everything seemed fine. One day I tested the ph of my run off as I had some ph problems with my other girls and sure enough I was watering with a 6.5 range and my run off was way down to 4.2. I flushed this girl with a few gallons of water until I read 6.0 as my runoff and let her drip dry awhile before putting her back in the tent. Come back a day later and things are getting worse by the day. I really need help she looks terrible and just as she was starting to put on some great smelling buds. Idk if I just stripped everything out of the soil when I flushed and now she’s starving or what’s going on but I hope she can snap out of it.

She is a very sick plant what nutrients are u using

What’s your ph meter and what’s your relative humidity and since you flushed her you need to give her hydroponic nutes as soon as possible


I use a cheap ph meter from amazom but I also use a ph tester from my general hydroponics kit to double check the digital meter. Rh is typically 49-50. I just picked up some flower stacker from Humboldt secrets going to try a light feed tomorrow. I didn’t realize this till I started reading more but I’m growing in miracle grow and the plant was awesome until I decided to flush to fix my ph…before I was using some organic fertilizer. Is it possible that when I flushed Instead of flushing I just used a bunch of nutrients at once from the miracle grow soil and now its got toxicities?

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Not the best pic but this was the same plant few weeks prior. After I flushed it was like a switch flipped and I’m worried shes ruined

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The negative thing about growing in MG is the time released nutrients. Those get released every time you water. Adding nutrients to a medium that has pre-loaded nutrients without testing your run off is flirting with disaster. So you have a TDS pen to test your run off before feeding any nutrients? I would water in enough to collect a small sample and test the PPMS and PH :love_you_gesture:


Yeah it looks like your flush released a ton of nitrogen and now she’s toxic from it. Since it’s time released in the soil I don’t think that there’s much you can do because flushing again will only release more.

@Dr.ofSmokology grow in MG with his results. Hopefully he’s got some advice


Exactly what I was thinking. The downfall to time released nutrients. Like you mentioned, I’m sure @Dr.ofSmokology can help :love_you_gesture:

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Thanks for the input guys I see why people say it’s not for cannabis. Now that being said still gonna try to make something out of it as I’ve noticed my buds are still growing at a decent rate. Do any of you think giving her a feeding of the flower stacker (0-7-3) I believe, would hurt? Hard for me to tell at this point this is my first grow and id love to salvage this plant but I don’t think there’s much I can do other than water less and hope

Answer to your question is yes.

Just wait. I promise the best thing to do with the resilient girls is just wait. Let your soil dry out for a day or two (whenever she’s ready for her next watering) then definitely check the PPMS of your runoff to figure out how much of that bud booster you can add to your next feeding

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I’d go really light with anything you do add, and I think I’d avoid any large waterings. Keep her just moist enough unless you see buildup issues or pH problems.

hey thanks for the tags. yes i have had lots of success in miracle grow. flushing is pointless in mg. checking ppm and run off is also pointless in mg. most you can do is ph plain water when watering. check my threads and come ask me what u need. @Trouthunter42


dont add anything. just gonna make the fire hotter. just water.


only thing one should add when using mg is a PK booster. other than that just gonna add to the fire.

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Fullymedicated I just picked up some flower stacker by humbolt secrets (0-7-4) I believe. I haven’t watered at all since the flush in fear of killing it should I water lightly a few more times before adding the pk. And do you think by adding the pk it’ll balance out eventually? I really don’t wanna stress her out anymore than she is but I’m just starting to get a few amber pistils on my buds I don’t wanna give up on her


dude i love that movie.

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One of the best

i agree :100: %. dont add anything else right now till she gets back online. let her dry a bit. if she is dry add plain water just a bit. no more flushing. she wont last next time. some strains do better than others in MG. thats just been my experience.

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