I found an old (2+ years) Auto White Berry seed and decided to grow it for the very first time.

Over three weeks passed since I planted my sprout in 2/1 soil and perlit mixture. I water it every 3-4 days, started adding Guano Bat fertilizer to boost root growth.
So far I’ve kept it outside in a direct sun for about 12 hrs/day and then for few hrs under my regular desk lamp. Some of these days could be less than 12 hrs sunlight.

Today I transferred it to a big pot, 50soil/50coco, installed a growbox and put the plant under 300 W mixed (veg+flower) CFL light and will keep it 18/6.

The thing is that when I compare it when other people’s growth - it seems very slow.
I assume the reason is probably old seed, but maybe there is any other factor?

What worries me the most is that it hasn’t developed any real leaves yet, and I noticed a white hair growing on top.

I don’t know if it’s normal or it turned to flowering mode because of light deficiency?

Any advises would be very helpful. I’ve been reading alot about growing, but as I said this is my first time ever and I have lots of doubts.


Yep she’s in flower. Kinda little to flower. If it’s been outside it should have been getting enough light to grow but 2 yrs really isnt that old of a seed. Not sure why she’s so small @Hogmaster knows a lot about autos maybe he can help

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I say just keep doing what your doing

Auto, 3 weeks or so old… Yup, that’s the window for flowering as I understand it.

Why so small? Too many factors to list, from light to soil to overfeeding to genetics, because there’s a lack of detail. But light could certainly be one factor as I read things, desk lamps are hardly known for their high intensity.

But keep her going, you may get a shock after she lays down roots and throws out side branches and suddenly gets bigger. If nothing else, growing her successfully gives you valuable experience, and that is priceless.

Auto start flower early but continue to grow I suspect she will quadruple in size over the next 3 weeks or so