Is my plant dead?


So im only about 10 days from harvest and the last 2 waterings my plant took on absolutely no water even after skipping a day i should have watered. I flushed yesterday and today she still looks the same. Mind you i have been battleing a lot of issues in flowering and never got the girls back to 100%. Also the stems just snap just like I’ve had it hanging amd drying out for a week or more. Here are some pics…is she recoverable in this final stretch?
FF trio
Ww in 5 gal smart pots
Tempature controlled (my apt)
P300 led light
Rh 44%
Temp 76º (give or take a couple)
Runoff was at 6.2ph when checked yesterday.
Plenty of airflow. (Intake duct fan and inline exhaust)

Will she still be smokeable? Or is it gunna taste like ass?


I’m on my first grow and just got the seeds to sprout and what you have going on is my biggest fear for my grow . Sorry I can’t offer any help but good luck these guy’s on here are great at helping .


it looks like your plant may have bud rot ckeck the tricomes out on the buds if they are cloudy cut it . dry with low humidy watch out for mold cut out any bad spots in the bud


man, I feel for ya. I had two girls growing just fine then the infestation began and had to pull one. on the other hand here’s a link to diseases


If the stems are snapping, I’m pretty sure its finished. Should be fine unless there is mold or another issue. Just trim dry n cure.


This makes me sad :frowning: i wasnt able to even flush her properly. So now its gunna taste like shit…guess ill be making lots of edibles.


With that much there is oils and tincture as well . Going to make some coconut butter out of one of mine if they do good enough I get a little extra


Try to cure and try before u take drastic measures , I’ve had a couple grows go south like u and still ended up with some primo smoke… Curring is just as important as the grow and sometimes good genetics will carry u the rest of the way…



Either stem rot or root rot. If the branches are snapping them I would cut the buds and begin curing them honestly.

I can definitely tell you that the plants won’t get better, the leaves are dried and fried and the fact that the branches themselves are already snapping should be a red flag that she’s stopped drinking and has dried out while in the soil.

I think you got lucky here haha, I would love it if my plants just dried while still being planted! Regardless. I think you’re fine, but I wouldn’t even try to water her anymore or anything like that. Hope this helps! :v:


Thanks everyone! Ill chop the one down and start curing. Tricomes are cloudy but no amber so kinda bummed about not getting to its full potential. But i definitely learned a lot from my first grow. Hopefully my end results are much better next grow.



Ktreez420 Was right on . All I will add is check it very very carefully for mold.
So you can be