Is my plant a hermie or male?

I’ve been growing my Cherry Pie from seed, I started the plant March 28, 2020. Well June 1st I switched it to flower it had female traits and the past 3 weeks I thought bud was starting to grow then within the past week these just started popping up on my plant.

Maybe need closer pics but from those it looks full on male.


Sorry looks like a dude


Yea its a male… but it had hairs and everything like a female. It sucks when you spend almost 5 months on one plant babying and feed it, then you find out its a male it sucks but thank you guys for your help @Bobbydigital and @Dennis62. At least I still have my Death Star starting to bud I’m doing it indoors and my buddy had a clone of life savers he was going to get rid of so I took it off his hands an have been growing the life savers and its doing good. I have a question do you think the MarsHydro Eco 600watt FullSpectrum light is good for flowering? Again thanks for all of your all’s help.

Upon zooming unfortunately your have a male…

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I agree completely I happened to get a bag seed out of good smoke. I’m two weeks into flower…still not 100% on the sex. I bought some seeds from ILGM because I don’t want to go through all the work again to chance it.

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Thank you it was supposed to be a Female Cherry Pie and whats wierd is it was showing all the signs of being a female. I wonder if it’s something I could have done to make it switch from feminized to hermaphrodite or is it a straight male? I’m just wondering if you can turn a female into a hermaphrodite or male by me doing something wrong.

No, it’s all boy, probably mistook stipules that both sexes grow, that many mistake as female hairs or pistils.

This brings me to a question. I have some dispensary seeds from some products I bought while waiting on my autos to grow out. I germinated 4 seeds and now all 4 are 3ft tall bushes. I have previously only grew clones or feminized autos, so I have no idea how to tell dude or chic. I put one of the 4 into flower about a week ago. Now those little nodes at the base of the stem are short and fat versus the “hair” nodes im used to seeing there. Im thinking its a dude, but how can I tell for sure? Is it worth growing out to collect the pollen? I enjoy the strain, Dark matter, I wouldn’t mind crossing it with other strains, but do I pull it out and save effort or leave it just for pollen, if its a dude? Thanks in advance.

The mars hydro ts600s a 100 w light that has a flower footprint of about 2x2, I have a friend who has two of them and he grew some good stuff but bud below the canopy were not dense. I don’t know enough sorry

I’d be leary about hanging on to a male if you have any females in flower, I don’t want seeds, and when she starts making seeds she stops producing thc so weed is not as potent. Good luck

I started seed, then moved it outside. I put it under lights in a 4x4 tent to “sex” it. It’s in isolation.



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these are the other 3 seeds. The last picture is a close up of a node on the first picture. I have the 3 on my roof and they are presently getting 24 hour natural light (Alaska).

sorry, misplaced post. That should have been with my pictures.

That’s a dude, isn’t it?

Turns out all 4 in question are girls