Is my outdoor plant flowering?

I just noticed ants the other day and was like how in the heck. It suggest soapy water mix to get rid of both. What do you suggest?


Thats a real shame about the ants

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Yep that will help for sure. Safers makes a soap that is good for aphids. Ants on the plant arent really a big deal, ants in the soil under the plant can be a big deal. I would soapy water the entire plant and sprinkle a healthy dose of diatomaceous earth around the bottom of the trunk on the soil, that will prevent them from getting on the plant.


Update after a week. This is how the girls are now.

Week 4 of flower.

Week 7 of flower.


Outmutherfrigginstanding :+1: :v:


Update after a week. Rain has stopped just now. The leaves are yellowing and falling rapidly these days. Another girl has also started to flower.

Week 8 of flower.

I noticed last week this girl was like about to start flowering. Lets say Week 1 of flower of her.

Week 5 of flower.


It’s like they haven’t even started to flower in week 7 geezus. Pulling for you and them.

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Well their flowering time was early like mentioned above but the continous rain kept rotting the early formed buds and the plant had to form new buds again.

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Dang that’s not fair. Hopefully it stops raining and gets you back on track. You’ve got enough bush to go around so it’s great you were able to cut some out and carry on. I want to see this beast finish.


Update after a week.

Week 6 of flower.

Week 2 of flower.

Week 9 of flower.