Is my OG Kush ready to flush?

Hi, I am a beginner, this is my first try and I’m super excited that I got this far! A big part of that is due to the help I already got from members here who guided me through pH basics, or I would have ruined them for sure. I have done a lot of research online to look for when or if I even should flush, but I would love for some great brains here to give me your opinion. The weird thing is that I only flipped them on 30 May, but the OG Kush Auto looks ready to flush according to online pics. Do you think they are ready? My other 2 still have all white pistils so I’m sure they have more time.
This is a soil grow indoors, using Bergman’s fertilizer, LED light, 12/12 cycle (33 days in), pH is 6.3, last ppm was 915. Temp 70, rH 45-50.
Thanks for taking a look and any advice you have!


Happy birthday :birthday:!

Let’s ask @PharmerBob cause he knows his chit and that dude cracks me up!!!

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Thanks man! Feeling old, but these plants that are about to be ready make me feel better about nearing 50!


Getting seriously close! When you see a few ambers you can flush for an energetic day buzz.

Flush at 30-50% amber for a couch lock fuck my world buzz.

I usually flush when I start to see some amber trichomes and the pistils on the buds are curling a bit. Gives me something I can work and get stoned while using. It’s all personal preference tho.

Give yourself time to flush over a few days to a week in soil. Maybe over 3 days with hydro.

With hydro I like to flush for a few hours using Florakleen then take that out and do over night with water. A few plain water flushes on day 2 and repeating this step on days 3 to seriously get the ppms down

Always remember when flushing your plant will naturally start to really try to do as much as it can to save those flowers, so going when I see amber allows time for the plant to get to where I want it to be by the end


I see not one amber trichome in the photos. It’s tough without looking for myself but always look at the bud itself. If I was a gambling man I’d say your A few weeks out.

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Ok, I’m such a newbie, but how do you use the same stuff you are harvesting right away? I was wondering too, about the timing of the harvest and if it matters like early for energetic or later and more amber color for couch lock. I am going for the more energetic side, but I don’t want to ruin it.
I read about flushing for 2 weeks. Do you think that’s too long for it to go without nutrients at the end?
@ThatoneAKguy you are right, no ambers can be seen even when just looking and not trying to take a picture. I was wondering if I wanted a more energetic effect, should I wait until I just start seeing amber?
Thanks a bunch you guys!!!

Keep an eye on her but yes as soon as you see amber start your flush, you’ll need daily pics so you can really examine for those.

I do a 3 day hydro, week for soil. Never tried multiple week method nor would I, I like to push nutrients to its limits and then strip them away without a moments notice.

Always gone by the method of, little stress and lots of food make fat buds

Judging by the way the colas look tho you got a few weeks left

Wow, perfect, that makes total sense and I even just came in from a smoke. Thank you so much for answering, this community rocks!

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Glad to help, have fun!

This should be stickied, it was seriously difficult to find this exact answer. Thank you!