Is my noobie grow box setup wrong? Need Advice (:

As of right now I just got this plant from my friend and he over watered it so I have full green leaves that are down facing right now and I have 2 6500K 26 watt CFL bulbs on it right now and a small 4in fan in my box but my humidity is dropping very low in the 40s and the temp is going into the low 80s sometimes more, what should I do to fix this?

Update I just added another 26watt CFL 6500K in the box, don’t know if it will affect humidity/temp to much.

I only use cfls. I started with a large washer box lol. The fan i would have pointed out, or up more so it’s not circulating the warm air inside. I kept trying new things till i got it under control. Hope that helps, I’m new too. If the plants over watered, don’t do anything. Let the soil dry. All depends on soil and how fast it drains. I over watered at first and i took a stick or pencil and poke holes around soil away from center where the stock is so you don’t hit the roots. That’ll help get air in soil to dry. Oh be careful having that light against that mylar.
Be safe