Is my NLA looking healthy?

I wanted to add this too.

If you’re using bulbs the ideal bulbs would be models with diffuser easily moved like posted in pics above. Also want cold white instead of warm white cct.


Thanks for the heads up!
Might look abit overwet since i watered right before the picture was taken, the top spil was quite dry when i Woke up :slight_smile:

Any tips on how often to water the plants at This stage? And how much?

Thank you! For the heads up, i Think my SF2000 Will come tomorrow, though had an e-mail that it might be delayed, ill go check for a prober bulb if it’s delayed!

Thanks so much for the support!

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Just checked the soil under it, and i might have overwatered a Bit in my rush to go to work This morning, i apreciate all the feedback guys! :grin:

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Can i do anything about the overwatering, or just wait and hope for the best? I Will be Way more carefull of This going forward! Thanks guys for bringing it to my attention! :pray:t2::blush:

You only need very little in a circle around the plant, which will help the roots grow outwards. I believe there is someone here that my have a pic that they can post to assist more.


Thank you so much, ill do some research in that, im so gratefull for This comunity!

It’s an experience for sure!

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Just let it dry out some before watering again, then water in circle around plant like mentioned above.

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Awesome! Thank you Will do that!

  • ill give it some days to dry off :blush:
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Little day 4 Update.
She has stopped shooting in hieght, and is now opening up nicely! Just going to let her chill under her light till the soil drys abit more!

The SF2000 shipping just Got delayed by a week, so today im going out to find a relatively cheap substitude untill it g’ets here!

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And my test with soil Germination also showed life today, even though i Think i might have made an oopsie, and accidentally planted 2 seeds to get germinated in 1 pot :neutral_face:

Try to gently transplant one ASAP before roots that tangling up with one another.

My second CBD seed just broke through the soil!


Just Got Home, Will try to transplant it asap!
I guess im too stressed to Think straight at the moment :joy:

How awesome that your CBD grow os up and Running, hope everything goes Well with the babies! :pray:t2:

Transplant was succesfull, though im abit indirekte if the White on the seedlimg might be seed membrane? Hmmmm. :face_with_monocle:

Day 5 Update.
(Is it to much doing Daily updates?)

  • transplanted the stretched seedling into a bigger pot and ledt 2 inches above soil
    , went Well, also put a fan up and Running next to a small window, for some fresh airflow, to try and strenghten the stalk.
    I Think she’s lookin happy! Put a toothpick carefully abit away from it to Watch for stretching.

  • 2 windowframe seedlings also popped out! (Windowframe experiment)

One of Them is the baby i transplanted after


So Quick Update, been gone for work some time, with babysitter on the plant!

They grow up so fast Lost 2 seedlings to overstrething and now is just focusing on the one NLA for time being!

I Think she is looking pretty!

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So the 4th note is Comming up, there is a sloght yellowing on Half the leaf, though the PH has been on point between 5.5/6.5 the last weak, and the nutrients should be good aswell.

I Think she is healthy, though has some slight mutations on the ledt side, 4 pointed leafs, and abit thicker stem on the middle, but not much!

I wanna say thanks, to all the People who left feedback, i apreciate it! :heart:


A succesfull transplant into a 10 liter, fabric pot!
Was a Tiny bit worried i would break something, but it went so smooth!


A week later and still growing strong!
Took some closeups from where i had to top it because of pests, it’s looking better!

Hopefully the transplant and topping didnt stress it too much.