Is my NLA looking healthy?

Looks good to me

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Ok welcome to the forum, I honestly feel for you and want to say how impressed I am. I can only speak, and read 1language, and not very well lol. A 1 meter tent is 3x3 ft little more. The sf200 should do job for you in that tent. Well congrats keep us posted and good luck

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I Will most der, keep in touch so much thank you so much for the support and interest! :grin:

  • Will follow your CBD and other grows closely!

Awesome thanks! :pray:t2:

Thank you for the feedback!
I really cant wait to get my SF2000!

  • My trail of thought is just having a VEG tent, and Then when healthy (and warm outside) get it to the garden!

Apreciate the support!
When you grow up in Denmark, your forced into learning atleast english and german, since we are such a small country, and most things arent translated Well to danish :grin::pray:t2:


Covert gots you covered, I just wanted to add, if that bulb is one with a plastic cover on it. Then pop that suckered off. It’s there to spread the light and you want it all to beam down on the plant.

But looks good to me my freind…


You will like that sf2000. I have one and it dose very well

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Hello thanks for the heads up, ive come to the conclusion, that my LED bulb isnt up for the test, after being even closer than ever before to the seedling is still Shooting towards the sky!

So i am Hoping that my SF2000 g’ets here Quickly! Feel it might have been a mistake to start before having prober equipment :sweat_smile:

Ill go to the store when they open and look for a more powerfull light bulb.
Since it’s a small town it’s though findint prober equipment, physicly!

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All i have to Bulb up is a E27 desklight!
Luckily it’s easy to lower in height, and i Think the bulb choice was a mistake :sweat_smile:

Put it in a boks to focus the lights more untill the stores open up, feel the eyecomfort logo on the bulb means Less power.

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@MedicinalJutland I kind of do the same. During cold months I run an indoor VEG tent and a FLOWER tent. When Spring arrives, I drop seeds and they go outside when healthy.

I wish they would encourage more than English here in the US at an early age when children can learn easily. For a while we had parent volunteers come in after school to teach Spanish, Russian, and American Sign Language for the elementary grades for free but they stopped the program after a year. My oldest child was a natural with languages. Sad.

I hate learning a language at a later age. I have to translate every word from English to another language in my brain. I can read Spanish OK but can’t speak it. I know some French, German, and Russian but not much more than stupid tourists’ phrases from library CDs (or swear words from coworkers). Learning a language will be a project for retirement.

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Yeah them style “led” probably aren’t the best. If ya had one like this it would probably be better. But any light source will get you threw the first couple of weeks till you get the sf2000.
So don’t feel discouraged.

This is a low watt one only 9w. But some have many nice diodes in them and would work pretty good fir seedlings I believe…


Only other buln i have is the one the light came with, the 10,5 watt, amd im honestly not even sure it’s an LED under there, since it game with the lamp :sweat_smile: (does not say the type of buln on it)

But Will look for a prober bulb, with some diodes isntead of the LED “tubes” thats in the bulb im using, there is a lot of spill light.

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Yeah, i really want a prober VEG setup, it’s a cold country aswell so in researching, some plants that might do Well in volder climates (we have alot of sunlight, but also quite low temps)

In Denmark they Force u’s to get English at age 5-6, and Then german when about 10-12 y/o.
With a population of little over 6million, we rely quit abit on import and foreign buisseness partners!

There is nothing worse than learning, languages when you get older, im trying to learn Dutch, and it’s sooooo hard!

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This is the one that came with the lamp, ill crack it open and see what kinda light it is!

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It’s 2800 Kelvin so it’s a good color temp fir seedlings. If ya got a extra lamp point them both at it maybe…

But either way, either of them lights will get you threw till the big light gets here. .
You may have a stretched seedling that needs help standing up at first. But when you trans plant it, you can plant it in the soil all the way up to the bottom leafs and it will grow root from that long stem so it’s not a lose. It may just require a little help standing in the near future…

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I Think it was succesfull, funny how i whent and bought a new Bulb before checking what was in there, to begin with :joy:
I have another lamp packed away somewhere, and i Can allready see that the light is more intense.

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But if everything fails, ill just try try again :pray:t2:

Have a nother NLA that just showed it’s taproot! Think ill see if i can plant it to look at the differences between the 2 lights! Just for educational purposes, to see if that also stretches as much!

BTW: is it normal for a small seedling to stank up the room? :joy: jees shes tuff!

Next one is very close to getting in it’s soil aswell! This far 100% germination, using cottonpads stolen from my the wife!

  • she Can get quite mad that i steal her tweecers and stuff, but hey, she Got the equipment!

Day 3 Update.
Because of the lightseeking and stretching, the sprout was starting to tilt a little bit, so i put in some toothpicks to support it abit.

Hope it Will do the trick ^^
Put it in extremely carefully, and let the plant sit itself upon one of the picks.


The soil looks really wet, you want to be careful not to over water you babies.