Is my NLA looking healthy?

What is the ideal range to put my 40watt bulb from the plant?

I sure did! :grin:

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Thank you for the feedback! I greatly apreciate it!

Ill put a dome on it asap!

  • i have a SF2000 LED, comming in a couple of days along with a (1x1 meter growtent to support untill it hits my garden)
  • im not the biggest light expert, but alot of People i know swear by the SF2000, so i took the chance and ordered.

Dont know why my comment posted itself again :sweat_smile:

@medicinaljutland. The US was supposed to convert to metric by 1980! I worked in the sciences and used grams, liters and degrees C.

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It’s actually alot of work converting the Numbers of everything, since most of the grow videos/guides, is on US mesurements!

  • but hey, atleast im learning something new :sweat_smile:

Also I am growing zero THC high CBD feminized hemp photo seeds right now.

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That is exactly what ima grow too!

  • Got a couple thats 1:2 and 1:1
  • and some 0.2% thc hemp seeds, ill use for vaping, and Oil!
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I just changed setting to watch so I can see your progress. Here is a link to my current grow.

Bunny Jane’s 2022ish Grows - Show Your Grow / Grow Journals - I Love Growing Marijuana Forum by Robert Bergman

I just started the CBDs less than a week ago.

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@JaneQP Wow!

  • I Will most definitely follow your grow closely!
    Ive been wanting to get into homegrown CBD for AWHILE now!
  • Thank you for wanting to keep up with my progress! I Got a feeling ill need all the help i Can get!

I see you are in Denmark. There is a local company here that sells high CBD low THC seeds for $3 each US if you buy 10 but I don’t think they ship outside of the US.

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If it’s anything similar to US bulbs, I would say 20cm-25cm away.
You may need to adjust a little closer as needed.
The 1000 should work great from seed to harvest.


Yeah im born out of Denmark, but have lived in Germany now for a couple months!

  • and luckily i am able to grow up to 3 plants for personal use since moving!

Would love to find a good provider of quality CBD seeds, since it’s quite a new subject where im from, it’s Hard to find providers at decent quality! But it’s the only thing i Can safely injest do to severe alergies to the meditation ive been on!

Thank you for the reply! Ill adjust the LED bulb
to about 20cm and look for stretching!

  • i Think i worried abit about burning my seedling, so during hours of Sun, ive had it in the windowframe, during the hottest and sunnier hours! :blush:

( Cant wait to get my proper light)

Btw, would you recommend getting a PPM meter?

In my journal post 288 is the start of the Zerio THC, High CBD hemp strain grow. I can’t handle the effects of THC so I was looking for something that could relieve pain.

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I Will check that out imedietly and take notes!

  • i stumbled upon This Forum randomly, a few weeks ago, and it is GOLDEN!

  • Also am currently Reading the GrowBible by Robert! So much amazing knowledge to be had!

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Check out trilogene seeds dot com and you can find out if they ship internationally. I have the TBC S1 strain growing now and plan on buying 10 each of three other strains once I look at their certificates of analysis for THC content.

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Ok. I am amazed!
Since putting the dome on, for litterally no time, my Girl went from a looking depressed ( head Down) to lifting it up looking happy!

This site and comunity is amazing lol!

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I Will give that site a look!

  • Im quite surprised at how Many US, sites ship internationally!
  • if they do ship, i Will very likely try some of their Low THC Strains! Amazing!
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Let us stay in touch here and compare notes. Here are the specs on what I am growing.:


Lot # 0819IHTCBSG
Potential CBD% 15.7%
Potential THC % 0.58%
CBD to THC Ratio 27:1
Germination % 92%
Parent lines Berry Blossom x Cherry Wine
Feminization % 99+%