Is my NLA looking healthy?

Hello, everyone!
This is the first seedling ive ever sprouted, and now my question is, does it look healthy?

I know it’s very early, but it’s the first plant ive grown that isnt a Fruit Tree, or Microgreen.

  • it’s 2 days Old, and growing from an extremely low budget setup.

And it’s gaining height rapidly, under a 40watt LED bulb. Unlike 2 others that havent sprouted from the soil yet.

Any and all comments Will be apreciated!

Both pictures is the same plant (day 2) and (day 1)


what soil are u using. the rapid height is likely from insufficient light. there is a work ticket you can fill out all info on so the peeps here can help u better. ill tag someone who may have it.
@AfgVet @Covertgrower @dbrn32 @MattyBear


Medicated is right in the previous post, when seedlings need light they stretch, best not to let em stretch too much until they build up a proper root system, once the support ticket get pasted there will be much better explanations and bits and pieces of info given by much more experienced growers than myself,

You got em up and out of the ground! Let the fun begin, good luck


Thank you for the amswer, it’s wormcastings, mixed with cured garden soil, on a bottom of Clay Pellets.

Light is 40watt Phillips LED. (Have another light comming. Light is about 8-10 cm from the plant.

Plans was doing a Quick low budget testruns, to see how far it could go, while waiting for the bigger setup to get shipped.

PH 6.0 soil

And watering with destilled water.

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as far as i know distilled water is only good for so long. distilled water has no minerals or anything for the plants. trying to find the help ticket for ya

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fill out a support ticket Strain; Type, Bag Seed, Or Na

Soil In Pots, Hydroponic, Or Coco?

System Type?

Ph Of Runoff Or Solution In Reservoir?

What Is Strength Of Nutrient Mix? Ec, Or Tds

Indoor Or Outdoor

Light System, Size?

Temps; Day, Night

Humidity; Day, Night

Ventilation System; Yes, No, Size

Ac, Humidifier, De-humidifier,

Co2; Yes, No

Add Anything Else You Feel Would Help Us Give You A Most Informed Answer. Feel Free To Elaborate, But Short, To The

Questions And Facts Will Help Us Help You. also a clear pic so we can see the problem areas.


Thanks for the answers!
Ill try to find the template for all the information, and post it all.

Ill try to lower the lights abit.
When should i consider to start feeding the plant?

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just posted it for you

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im still learning myself so as for when to start feeding ill let the pros answer for ya so i dont give wrong info

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Amazing! I Will fill it out right now!
I apreciate the help! Guess the first grow is allways the most nervewrecking!


your off to a good start. some cant even get as far as you have come. trust the people here on this forum. they will never steer you wrong. (not intentionally anyway)


Strain: Northern Lights Auto from RQS.

Medium: Cured garden soil and wormcastings 60/40.

System Type: Workstation free grow on table.

Ph Of Runoff: 6.2

Nutrient strenght: No nutes yet.
(Have BioBizz Grow, Bloom and Topmax)
Where ill follow their feeding schedule.

Indoor grow till Big enough to put outside.

Light System: Phillips LED 40watt Warm white.
10cm above the seedling.

Temps; day: 25 celcius night: 23 celcius

Humidity; Day, Night: N/A ( no equioment to messure y’et )

Ventilation System; Monkey Fan from secret jardin.

Ac, Humidifier, De-humidifier (none)

Co2; No.

I know it’s very low budget but it’s abit of a test run with some free promo seeds.


And Sorry to all the Americans, for the european measurements, and the grammar, trying to do This in your 3rd language Can be troubleing :joy:


perfect now we wait for the smart people to answer you. dont be afraid to ask anything. only stupid question is the one u dont ask


For real thanks so much for the Quick support, Got a feeling ill be in good Hands here!

When my full setup g’ets here, i Got some Photo CBD strains ill be growing, so it’s amazing to know there is support to get!


there is no end to the wealth of knowledge here on this forum. i was messing up big time when i first started. then i found my way home here. now im improving every time.

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Cant wait to absorb the knowledge of This Forum like a dry sponge!

  • and also just scrolling through the troubleshootings, helped me make a portfolio of Nutrient deff, and pest identification! It’s amazing!

Definitely looks good. I would put a dome over it to retain humidity. This will ensure faster growth, until it’s big enough to not care. When the leaves are close to touching the sides you can remove it.

This is adequate to get it started, I would move it closer to keep the stretch down. Do you have another light to veg with?
You’ll also need a larger light for flowering. If you get the correct light you’ll have a dimming function which will be able to get you from seed to harvest.
What country are you located in? We may be able to direct you to a better for source for getting one.
Amazon isn’t available everywhere, but sometimes eBay is available.


Thank you for the feedback! I greatly apreciate it!

Ill put a dome on it asap!

  • i have a SF2000 LED, comming in a couple of days along with a (1x1 meter growtent to support untill it hits my garden)

  • im not the biggest light expert, but alot of People i know swear by the SF2000, so i took the chance and ordered.


see @MedicinalJutland you came to the right place.