Is my meter faulty?

Hi people, first time grower and first forum. My three ladies are four week old Gorilla Glue Autos.
Growing in a 2 x 4 x 80 grow tent, with 1 1000 watt led at one end of the tent, 24" above the coco, 18/6 duration, drove at 100% in 5 gal bags of coco.
Got a auto dripper and installed it last week. It is supplying three plants with water and nutes. Went through about 5 gals of mixture in a week. I make a mixture of GH Flora Nova Grow 7-4-10 at 4ml per gal., and 4ml GH Cal/Mag per gal., pH 6. Directions actually calls for 5ml of each.
Of the three, one is doing well and gets 2 drippers. The second is only about 1/3 size but also has 2 drippers. The third isn’t much larger than a seedling but has 5 sets of miniature leaves, and has one dripper. I think that I may have damaged the roots during t/p or some other rookie mistake. The difference in size is not my question, though.
Yesterday I mixed a fresh 5 gals mixture, and had it dripping for my ladies.
Today I received my TDS & EC meter. So I test my mixture, and to my surprise it was 1100 ppm. I went on to test my tap at 125ppm, frig filter at 100ppm, and bottled spring at 25ppm. I then mix 1100ppm with the spring water until diluted it down to 590ppm, and then recalibrated the pH. to 5.95. I should also mention that I have no burnt leaves as of now. This is what really blew my mind. The runoff from the 1100ppm mixture is 1500ppm.


Sometimes plants are happy with what they’re being fed. Most of the time as long as the plants look good, I don’t check numbers, just for that reason, unless something is wrong.


Remember tds is representative of ALL disolved solids.


Whats gonna blow ur mind even more is the runoff from the 590ppm solution was 1500…

Dont be alarmed. Happens. Straight water next feeding

Thanks man. You mean, flush it, right?



Nope. Water only. You flush when leaves go nuts. No pics. Sounds like a little over the target, not out of range. Just try to watch it go down.

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I don’t use pots that large, but even in a 2-3 gallon pot would hand feed about half gallon a day when plants are small. That’s 3-4 gallons per plant over course of week, and again in smaller pot. I’m not familiar with process and behavior of drip system, but you may just not be giving them quite enough. Coco drying out can cause similar to happen.

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Thanks for the guidance. I will be using 3 gallon grow bags for my next grow.

My coco is staying moist. My automatic drip system is dripping 15 secs. every hour, which is enough to have some runoff each time it runs, and that equals about 1 gallon a day. Again, thanks.