Is my marijuana plant saveable?

A question from a fellow grower:

It has been a few weeks now and I seem to have run into a problem.I
have attached a photo of one plant with ?burned? leaves. I have
searched online and it does not seem to match up with any of the nute
problemshere in aus we don’t have access to proper nutes and i
feel this is holding me back, though I have added small amounts and it
did not seem to like it.this is the best looking one out of the 6 that germinated properly. saveable?

That really looks like nute burn, aka overdose and maybe an improper pH, or both. And actually it does look very much like a early multiple deficiency due to a pH problem.

I’m a newb but what if you flushed it with a lot of plain water? Maybe even repotted it to some really low-nute soil?

It depends. If it is nute overdose, that would help for sure. If it is pH and the pH of the water is the main cause of the problem, it could make it worse. If you flushed it with properly pH’ed water to counter what has built up in the soil, that would also help. Also assuming you haven’t been over watering, all the flushing could contribute to the roots drowning in such a situation.

I suspect pH is likely your main problem. Get the tools to check your pH, pH drops or test strips at the very least, digital pH pens and soil probes to be completely set up. You can use a digital pH pen or drops or test strips without a soil probe as described in Robert’s blog here: