Is my marijuana grow room complete?

A question from a fellow grower:

I’ve just bought a grow tent 1mtrx1mtrx2mtr and was planning on growing 2
strawberry haze 2 white widow 2 blue cheese would that be too many for
the tent or is that enough? I’m using a 600w bulb have inline extractor
and fan and was going to get a tube heater to get the right temperature.
Is there anything else I am missing if so please help

if you veg under a good led then change to your 600 watt. but i would recommend ebb n flow or dwc with a very strong O2 pump with glass bonded airstones (they really last long mine are still like new) i recomend 6lpm air stones and 45 watt pump. this will give more than needed for optimal 1.4lpm O2 even if the stone did start to clog like the blue stones always do. this will give you good/best chances for results imo. and add uvb works wonders

Are you planning on growing using Hydro, or Soil?

Your set up sounds great.

What is the best exhaust and intake fan to purchase to control temperature in grow tent . Having high temperatures like 84.5 and 62% humidity , I thought I had it under control with the 400 watt but this new advance light is a whole new beast and need a fan.

Get a 6"; Or at least a 4" Vortex style fan. You will need some flexible duct, and perhaps a couple of adapters. Duct Tape for sure. :slight_smile:

I bought the 4’ ven tech 190 cfm with variable control switch with the 2 year replacement warranty . Didn’t have enough for the carbon filter , but I might can get it discounted from the grow store here locally , besides those guys been trying to help me with how much I have put out so far . Now if I have to supply co2 , I will have to do the 2 liter bottle and tubing deal on YouTube with sugar and yeast . I think the yeast I have is red star champagne yeast , hope it works . I kind of built it with tubing drilled through the bottle tops , just having filled it and put in process because my seedling just sprouted and I’m like 4 weeks or so from that process , plus having heat troubles . But I set my timer for lights to cut off during the peak hours which is about 2 pm to shut off and turning on at 8 pm in the evening running 18/6 through the night since I work second shift to kind of watch them and keep them watered on schedule .

I really believe do to the small tent and the stale air being closed and high temps is why they been going kind of slowly . But fan is on its way , will get ducking at lowes or Home Depot , hopefully the carbon filter from local grow shop and pray and hope the home made co2 generator works enough to give them co2 that might be needed when I get to the flowering . I’m so stressed with it all , as soon as these seedling get the 9 leaf set of leaves I’m gone sea of green them and put them straight into flower to see if I can keep the consistency on ph , nutrients , so they can produce bud . I’m not looking to get a big harvest this run , just trying to get to the finish line . Now maybe next grow , I’ll do just 2 plants in my little grow tent and try to veg them fully with lst training and topped for 4 main colas each plant and use ILGM nutrient system to get a decent harvest . If I can just get everything dial in , I will have more knowledge of what to expect doing the growing process . The soil mixed seems to be working for seedlings I mixed and the 8 week old bag seed plant is still vegging its second set of colas from being topped and reviving slowly and that could be from not having fresh air moving through the tent . I do have a small fan , but no fresh air going in , and hot stale air being pulled out . Now my question is this " Can I filter air out through filter and duck the inline fan to circulate the same air back in , instead of using 2 fans ? Pull the hot air out the top through carbon filter and blow back in through the bottom with the same fan that’s pulling the hot air out ?

I hope you get that setup built and enjoy the rest of your grow. :slight_smile:

Will that work latewood ?

I am sorry…Too many posts in my head. Please clarify?

My question was can I pull hot stale air through a 4 inch ven tech variable control fan , and use the San fan to circulate the air back in the tent since it’s a small 2x2x5 tent . Now I purchased 2 fans , the inline model and the duct model . Should I just circulate the ven tech duct model ( the cheap one for $25 )to bring cool air in the tent maybe from the bottom vent hole , and used the better made model that like $70 to pulled the stale hot air out through carbon filter . I was thinking of budget cutting and just use the one expensive fan to pull and blow back in the same tent , pull from top through filter and blow back in through bottom . Was unsure if that would work . Besides waiting on an answer I just purchased the 2 waiting for them to be delivered , alone with my (Plant Protector) from ILGM , I message Claire and was told to give it another week . Recieved seeds and booster but not protector . But I’m thinking with such a small space grow tent and a very powerful advance light led it’s getting high temps and stale air is causing the plants to not vigor I think . Must get fresh air moving . Than my other question is , would a flat beer or sprite soda be supplemented for co2 to the plants , tried the green pads , didn’t see no change in 4 weeks or so and used 2 at a time , 4 days apart . Was thinking of trying the yeast and sugar generator in the bottle method and tubing but again seen where a guy used a flat beer and it supposedly worked , not 100% on that , many sceptic so out here trying to master you guys growing experience for monetary gains , I’m just trying to keep a good stash of quality medicine for my medical issues , because driving to Colorado is expensive and very risky with the troopers , do need that with my line of business and profession . Since I started on this mission , I’m in to it like $2500 and have yet to reach a harvest . I been fighting and brainstorming trying to save this bag seed plant that survived the stress and hell I put it through , the other 2 didn’t make it . So I bought seeds from ILGM 10 ww 10 ogkush and plan on ak47 and silver haze here in a few weeks , trying not to have to many packages deliver to often , but my question was mainly on getting the air moving in and out the tent …sorry for the long paragraph , hopefully you stoned and understand . My plane is to try the sea of green methods , but I’m guessing I’m gone need another tent to keep a mother plant if I can get one to grow properly .

Did u ever get an answer? I am new and wondering the same thing.

Oh yeah this was way in my beginning stages , I’m a very seasonal grower now , but the best results is with fresh cool air around 72-76 degrees and move as much air in and out if you have a limited small grow space . The more oxygen you supply your plants is very critical for they health and the roots , helps your soil from stay to moist and causing deficiencies in your plants . I put a 440cfm on top pulling air out and a 190cfm bringing air in my tent , but now I have a much larger air seal , air controlled facility which I move at least 2500cfm of air every 15 minutes . So yes the more fresh air you move the better your plants thrive , happy growing !