Is my Lowryder ready?


A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Hope all is well.
The picture is low rider auto Friday is the 8 th week.
Do you think it’s ready?



@ILGM.Support.Zoe looks like a bit longer. Still have lots of white pistils its looks like


Not ready yet. Bud will get fatter and watch because vertical height is over. Swelling is what you wanna see. Those white pistons will be pinched and covered by swollen bud. At least around thickest portion of pistons.


Thanks for the info !


You have a lot of white pistils and awesome trichomes development showing potential for a lot of THC. Invest in a 60-100x pocket microscope from I will find you one and post a link asap.

You want to harvest by monitoring the color of the trichomes. Clear means the vessel has potential to hold THC; Cloudy means that your vessel is filling up with THC; Amber is the start of THC deterioration.

Each grower has to use his or her experience and judge the % of Cloudy / Amber trichomes to get the desired effect.

I suggest you look for 50% cloudy, and some good presence of Amber. The more Amber; The more medical / couch lock / sleepy time “meds”; The less amber or very little will be more of a functional, or “up” effect.

Each grower has to determine this as they continue to grow successfully.

Hope this helps. lw :slight_smile:


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I’m a newbe and have a lowryder auto plant growing inside now for 65 days, under a 600w Mars Hydro, and seeing a lot of amber in the pistils still some white in the center. What are the trichomes? How long before It’s done? would appreciate any help. I got to get better at this. Is there anyone out there that can help me?


@Billybob let’s have you start your own topic. Autos need about 90 days start to finish in total. 30 days veg and 60 days flowering.

Start a new topic and we can discuss more in depth!

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