Is my little girl pregnant?


Did some unseen son of a bastard knock my little girl up, or is this a Hermie situation?


Did you have her on the pill?


She was innocent and beautiful 5 days ago


No pill, but plenty of nutes.


Looks hermie to me? Any male plants around within two mlies will screw you over too. Bees and flys and all sorts of pests can polinate your crop.


Should I harvest it now or wait for more white hairs to turn orange?


Yeaa man I’m sorry to say but that looks hermie my friend!
And personally, I would just let her finish it out. Because at least the bud will be good! Sure, you’ll have mature seeds, but I think it’s better for fully developed nugs then it would be for immature seeds lol


I agree with @ktreez420 100%. Let it finish out. The buds looks really nice!


Aren’t seeds from hermie plants all female? I’ve heard that before, but never looked into it.


I have also heard the same thing, and when I looked into it I heard both sides of the fence.
To me, I can see how it would be hermie seeds, but from experience it’s only been female for me. But I don’t want to say it’s a guarantee, because I’ve heard from others who got hermie plants from hermie seeds. Granted, they could have been female but made them hermie on their own, who knows?
I would still save the seeds and grow them regardless. You won’t know until you grow haha


So are we all agreed that this plant is hermie? Because I never saw any male genitals. I do see what apears to be developing seeds, but they only recently appeared. This plant is in 8th week of flowering.


Could you post a new updated picture?


3 views of same plant on 7/30/16. End of 8th week flowering. What appears to be seed formation started six days ago. Is this a hermie situation or could it be a normal seed production? any thoughts?


Any seed production means it’s a male or a hermie. Females only produce buds/flower.


Really? I thought pollinated females produced seeds. I thought, like most plants, the male produces ball like sacks containing pollen which “impregnates” fertile female plants producing seeds?


Lol exactly dude, but males can produce buds as well, usually not like this. And females can produce pollen too. Those are your hermies.
Any seed production means pollen, which means a male or a hermie around
Pure females only produce bud/flower. The sensimilla :v:


I have a similar situation. 8th week on Northern Lights auto-flower. I went away for 5 days and when I returned, all the flowers had turned to this. Can someone tell me what is going on?