Is my lighting good?


Last year I had a successful grow outside. This year I’m trying some autos inside before the outside season starts. I have 8 seedlings that just popped up and are sitting under a single Morsen 80 watt LED. My intention is just to have them there for a few days while I set up the regular lights for the grow. But do you think this one bulb is sufficient for the seedlings just for a few days or is it not enough?
The “regular” lights I will be using are florescent glow light tubes (T12?), 4 feet x 4 tubes. Do you think that’s sufficient? I’ve got these 8 plants they’ll be in a small round room. Ever seen one of those round mattresses? If you were to put a wall around one, that’s the size of this room. Anyway does this lighting strategy sound like I’m on the right track or am I way off? The light situation is majorly confusing.


Welcome to the forum @Joseph49. Are you gonna grow those indoors all the way, or are you gonna be putting them outside eventually? Either way, @dbrn32 is the guru for lighting and he will be along shortly, I’m sure.


Will be dependent on exactly what you have for lighting, how long you plan to grow them there, and what you expect to get out of the grow.

The seedlings should be fine under that led for a bit. Can you find an amazon link for the fluorescent? You definitely want at least a decent sized t5 fixture with warm white bulbs if you plan to flower with fluorescent, and it won’t yield a lot.


Thanks for the responses I really appreciate you dealing with my amatuer-ness. The grow lights, I’ll try to upload a picture, are T12 40 watts each, in two separate fixtures. The number on them says F40T12/DX. This is my total lighting, and yes I am going for highest yield, potency as possible. I’m not adverse to making another light purchase of some variety if that’s what I should do. I could supplement with an LED??


What is the approximate square footage of your circular room? Once we know that, we can make recommendations on the best lighting for your situation, and budget, of course.


Not to digress or anything lol, but what I’m growing are Red Poison and Dark Devil, from Sensi seeds. Red strains! Fun.


Here is the round room. It’s like a breakfast nook. The odd decor everywhere is because I’m an artist.


The wine barrel will of course be moved out of the way. The stuff on the walls which looks white is actually glow in the dark paint. The walls may actually need to be covered as when the lights go off the room still emits light and is never totally dark.


How deep is it from the end of the bench to where the wall curves? And how far is it from bench wall to bench wall?
On another note, I’d paint those walls a flat white. It reflects really well. The glow in the dark paint, I’m just not sure about lol.
Cool that you’re an artist too! Lots of amazing artists on this forum and we have a thread that’s dedicated to Art on here!


Cool thanks! I’ll check out the art here. Often seems to go with the territory right.
Ok the room from wall to wall, above the bench is 7 feet. That’s at it’s larger side, the ‘straight’ side facing outward, which is open ended and not really a ‘side’. If you were to consider it a side then from there to the furthest put in the curved space is also 7 feet. Math, I hate it lol. Also it occurs to me that since this curved space opens onto a larger room the set up doesn’t have to be contained wholly within the curved part, I want it in there but it could spill out a bit, if you follow me.


What about mylar, what’s that should I put that on the wall?


I smell what you’re cooking! Lol. You can create however large of a space you want in there, but I’d have something to block the open side to reflect back on to the plants. You could even put a grow tent in there if you wanted. Lots of options!


Mylar works great. Flat white paint works good too. Which is better/easier for you we will know once you figure out exactly how you want your grow space to be.


But do you think I need more lighting than the fluorescents?


If yields are a concern I’d definitely look to get away from fluorescent. I’m an led guy, but there are some good hid options. If you can get a rough estimate on how much floor space you plan on using like @MattyBear is asking would definitely want to wall off any dead space to add some reflection. 3 average sized plants can usually fit in a 4x4’ space and will be a lot cheaper to light that than say something twice that size.


Thanks. Well, I would add LED if the fluorescents are not enough. Not HID. Because.


The ‘floor space’ would actually be above the bench. I can lay down boards. So it’s like a raised floor. So I’m really math challenged but isn’t it like roughly 50 square feet


Ok. You don’t plan on using 50 square feet for three plants right? That will be expensive if going with quality leds. Even budget led panels from amazon won’t exactly be cheap.


I completely agree with what @dbrn32 said. I’m an LED guy too and @dbrn32 taught me everything I know lol. Im running Quantum Boards in a 3x3 tent and that set up is around $325-350 depending where you look. Going up to a 4x4 is going to be more expensive because it’s almost double the square footage and you’d need 2 of those kits or one larger kit lol. Not saying you need to go that route, or it’s the best option, just letting you know what I did in my space.


8 plants, not 3. This might be a situation where more information is not necessarily going to clarify, there’s too many options and variables and stuff! Lol. I’ll buy an LED something today and put that in there along with the fluorescents and go from there. I’m starting to suspect the simplicity of potted plants outside on my deck is going to win the outside vs inside competition. We’ll see!