Is my light enough?

Yep! I actually just used a root pack in my mystery clone because she needed transplanting real bad. I’m curious to see how fast she grows into this pot with the root pack in there. I’ll probably use the Azos and Mykos on the next round of clones that get up-Potted into fabric from their solos when they’re ready.

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Camera view

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@Graysin will this cheap moisture meter get the job done?
Digital Moisture Meter Pin-Type Multifunctional Humidity Water Detector for Building Material Firewood Walls Paper

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Probably. As far as I know they’re pretty much all the same.

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I was hoping you’d be quick so I could delete. Tysm I’m deleting now

@iDontKnowGrow Be careful about sharing personal info. :v:

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Just watered w/ recharge and fish sh!t The big bud on each plant exploded in growth since the last watering just 2 days ago. Few more lil nugs popped out too.


I have a single orange hair :rofl:
They love the recharge fish sh!t combo

Video journal
I took my diy CO2 out it turned a leaf a odd color where CO2 was coming out


Finally shut the light off for pics.


Shoot, I’m out of likes but you bet I :+1: that

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Should I be tying down all the branches? I only have 4 tied down on each plant. The other ones are small branches they popped out after I trimmed some leaves blocking light to them. They seem hard to tie down not a lot of room to get wire wrapped around them with out touching a cola.

Photos would help, I try to spread my branches apart if I can but don’t stress it if I can’t.

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@Graysin Sorry I’ll try to get better pics idky it’s so hard to get pics with the damn HPS bulb. I’m talking about the little branches coming off of branches that are tied down. Honestly I think I should probably just cut them right off there really small and they don’t get much light I will try to get good pics tonight.

two I circled are not tied and where the arrow is pointing there is a tiny stem underneath the canopy

I see what you mean. Idk I’d still try to spread them out and away from the plant with yo-yos or even just like a fishing hook and some fishing line maybe. But also I didn’t cut off my larfy stuff so I’m not real sure what the threshold is for “useless” bud growth.

Tysm I’m out of likes I’ll :green_heart: later. I only have 1 yo yo smh but I have a bunch of dollar store plant ties. There pretty thick so I just stuck with the twisty ties tied to wire I wrapped around my pots, it’s a real mess. I have adjustable Lst clips that I plan to use on my next grow. These lil branches im talking about now seem to small for the clips. I’m going to try to get pics of them today. I’m pretty sure all you pros would cut them off I’m just scared to take off whole branches, I was scared to even prune them. They seem fine so im leaving them alone until one of you pros tells me what to do and how to do it.

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I got a decent pic maybe…

Up underneath some real weak looking branches(stems)one or two are even touching dirt

I’m going insane trying to dry out around my tent. The tents set up in my basement that floods so I made a floor to help. The tents 80" tall so I didn’t have much to play with so I just laid tiles down. Then I laid a carpet over the tiles, I also put a flood barrier around my tent. Now it flooded and my sub pump went so the basement flooded really bad. The barrier worked great it absorbed all the water around my tent so no water made it inside. The problem is my carpet is still soaked and inside my tent stanks now like wet basement. I need to get the carpet out some how probably have to take tent down to slide it out. I’m sure under the tiles there’s water too. I could hardly smell my plants the mildew smell is so strong. Now I’m worried I’ll get bud rot or powdery mildew or some other problem that ruins my plants.

I’d pull the plants out and get them somewhere dry, bring the light. Try and get your tent cleaned and dried. A mist of bleach water to kill potential mold spores, no doubt.

If you can finish the plants elsewhere I highly recommend it.

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I don’t have any other options for space. I’m going to get them out for a bit so I can clean and disinfect the best I can but they have to go back in tent.

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