Is my light big enough?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I have a 4×4×7 grow tent with 1200 watt led light. is my light big enough

At a guess, it isn’t 1200 actual watts but 1200 “equivalent” or “maximum if driven 100%” watts so I would guess at the answer being “No” since we don’t know which led light it is.

More info required.

Shoot us some specs on your fixture and we can tag in our lighting pros

I run 2 1800W cob led’s in that size, 365 true watts each light

Hey Zoe, your lights are EVERYTHING! Once you get the right lighting, you learn how to water correctly without over or under watering with zee correct nutrients and pH, then you can grow big Buds! Of course, your air ventilation, correct humidity and temperatures are important too.

High temperatures with regular MH or HPS are why so many people switch over to led lighting, thinking they can keep their grow room temps under control cause they’ve heard from led lighting companies that leds burn cooler. They don’t. If your led light claims to pull 1200 watts of power out of the wall, its pumping 1200watts of heat into your grow room! Maybe… Chances are, most led companies LIE about this all-important info, so do your research before you buy and double check on the brand you got to make sure its honest. Cause if its NOT honest, your lighting could be insufficient if the spectrum and intensity of your light is all messed up. If its not, your 1200 watts should be OK for your 4X4X7 tent.

Even if your light is only shining 600watts down on your 4X4 area, it should enough for your growing tent area. Its good you got 7ft of height to work with cause some leds are way too intense at their recommended distance from zee canopy and you can still burn zee !@#$ out of your leaves! So double check this too! Cause if you really want to know the truth, I HATE LED’s and grow tents!

So why am I thinking of experimenting with building a special little 2X4 grow tent? Cause, on a whim, I got this new LED Electric Sunshine 300watt that claims to shine 600watts of good spectrum light. But in one of my 10X10 grow rooms it burned zee !@#$ out of my leaves while at zee same time, UNDER LIGHTING my plants for IN-correct photosysthesis! Go figure! What’s a girl to do? This is why I’m testing a new grow tent I’m making for this very expensive but shitty (i suspect) light! After I test it in zee little tent and it still !@#$s up my plants I’m sending it back on its 90 day unconditional money back guarantee!

Here’s quote on light from Quartz Media you may find interesting about light:

“We evolved from bacteria in the ocean that could differentiate sunlight from darkness—that’s what ended up forming the human eye. That means every organism is responsive to a circadian rhythm that’s largely dictated by sunlight. The photo receptors in our eyes pick up on sunlight, which controls the release of melatonin and all these other neurotransmitters that dictate your energy levels throughout the day. You have a peak moment of awakeness during the morning. After lunch you usually have a glucose spike, especially if you have a big heavy lunch, like a cheeseburger. That glucose spike combined with a circadian dip gives you a period of fatigue between around 2 and 4pm. You’ll then have another spike in alertness right before dinner, and then you’ll start getting tired again closer to bedtime. That’s your 24-hour circadian rhythm, basically.”

Good lighting involves zee same deal for your plants and allows them to grow and flower to their optimum potential for an awesome harvest.

When I got really big, I got really BIG harvests from my MH and HPS lamps but then I got a whole new problem: how the hell were we supposed to hand-trim all those Buds? Trimming machines are known to over-trim Buds because they use blades so they—your Buds don’t look natural and get a lot of their crystals stripped off. Luckily we eventually found an auto-trimmer that doesn’t use blades and can trim over 100 pounds of Bud in an hour so our Buds come out looking hand-trimmed and perfect with most of their crystal intact! It’s called a Tom’s Tumble Trimmer and we got the biggest commercial model. Then we got more! They’re all running great too, with no break downs and zero maintenance!

So watch this led light you got now Zoe, and do your research to make sure it can do what its supposed to do so you’re overflowing with big beautiful Buds at harvest time, cause that my friend, when it comes to growing good weed, is zee only “GOOD” problem to have—overflowing Buds!

I hope you were able to get something good out of all my rambling! Love you guys!



I use to use led but if the heat is the issue you can get the ceramic Mh bulbs the don’t put out nearly as much heat as the Hps and old Mh

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