Is my grow tent too small?

I have a 48x24x60 grow tent and I have 3 plants in flowering stage and I cannot get my humidity down below 57rh since they are bigger. I purchased a dehumidifier which worked well but I had to purchase another and it still is reading around 57rh.

Could this be because it’s too crowded?

What is the temperature in your tent?

What are you using to exhaust?

Running around 81 degrees and I am running 3 small fans. I am using a exhaust fan and carbon filter set up!

Are you using the exhaust to control heat? Or humidity?

What size & type dehumidifier are you using?

What is the humidity in the room you have the tent in?

Honestly you’re not sitting bad at all for VPD. I’d keep rocking where you’re at.


Good Question? Its 63rh.

Mine is about the same and as the chart says that Bobby put up, we are both ok.

Ok, cool because I was worried. This is my first time so I worry a little!!! Lol!!


It’s my first indoor grow to.

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So even at those 65% marks in flower, you don’t have to worry about mold or anything like that if your temps are high enough? I know vpd is for transpiration but do high temps make it okay for high RH in flower?

With good air movement you’re fine. It’s when you have low air movement where mold sets in.

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Thanks, I really appreciate all the great feedback, I can get some rest now…lol!!

I definitely have good air movement!!

Greatly appreciated!

This chart is so much easier for me to read than that colored one that’s always shown. Thank you for this! :facepunch::beers:


Appreciate the info!!!