Is my green crack ok?


Thanks for the support love the screen name


Call me Buds, James Buds! (said in a Sean Connery accent, hahaha) :joy:


I use general hydroponics the trio, general hydroponics cal-mag and hydrogaurd. The new grow i might also try to add these microbe life hydroponics


and by looking at the price tag that whole box is only $10?


The dude gave it for free so i could try it as ah free sample @mgolden1313


Here’s a pic of my rqs critical

she’s only 2 weeks old!!!


She’s on a viparspectra 300w led with dyna-gro 7-9-5


Thanks for the like @Ron330


you are welcome, was just catching up on the rest of your grow. Looking good. Have never tried either of those strains, so keep us updated on the grow, and of course the end results :v:


Hello @Ron330 @Donaldj @Buds007 @brazosdave @ILGM.Support.Zoe

Hello I have a quick question for anybody that can answer I’m going into my second week flowering on my green crack and in my third week I was thinking of using either Bud Candy or big bud has anybody tried either of those products if so can you tell me are they worth the money


I have on occasion used big bud but have swapped it out for simple Raw cane sugar and a PPM bump


I can’t bump my ppm keeps getting nute burn… And im guessing the raw cane sugar is just a carb load like the big bud or bud candy?


And also let’s say you had 5 gallons of water in your Reservoir how much raw cane sugar would you add


It is a carb load indeed but raw sugar also has sulfer :wink: and if you are floating edge on nute burn you may find better result slightly lowering it

roughly tblsp/gal in soil mollasses does same thing but in hydro it foams too heavy


yes I have actually already lowered it I wouldn’t say the yellow tips got better but they have stopped getting worse yeah she won’t handle but around about a 550 to a 600 on the PPM I was just looking for something to make those buds fatter and juicier


here are some new pics of my green crack she is 35 in tall 35 in wide and three weeks into the flower cycle