Is my green crack ok?


A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Im a first time indoor grower here is a pic of my first does it look ok it’s a green crack



Under HPS lights hard to say for sure but looks healthy


Right when the lights turn off can you take a picture of it?


It’s under an HPS 400w started the 12 12 7 days ago nutrient level is a 312 6 Dyna bloom vegged her with Dyna Gro 795 for six weeks she’s as healthy as an ox will keep future pictures updated I’m open to all healthy feedback thank you very much for your time and consideration



Lookin righteous and happy to me!


That looks really good to me!


It has gotten some yellow on the tips of a few of the canopy leaves but the ppm is around 1000 any suggestions


so when the plant switches to 12-12 the plant starts to become more sensitive to nutes so possibly nute burn. i just started to top my resivor with just ph water then when it was time to change water ide put less nutes to start with.


Thank you very much because in the past two days it has started to drink about a gallon of water a day and I started replacing it with just pH water this morning tomorrow is the day for the reservoir change and I was going to see if bringing the PPM down with change that I also have a little wind burn on the left hand side but it sure does like the leaves rustling


From what i read that its best to have circulation at the top and the bottom so that the leave dont take such a beating and only rustle a little. also i feel like that would be best cause you just have to listen to the plant lol


Yes that was my next option and listening to the plant i suppose is the only true way to hear what it has to say. i also have a RQS. Critical that is about to go to the 12 - 12 i will post later for some advice i also have a og skunk #1 i sprouted this morn


i have this white widow i just germinated ah week ago and i just hope i don’t have too many problems @mgolden1313 sounds like its going to be fun


Gave her a water change this morning and lowerd her ppm from 877 to about 650 I’ll see where she regulates in the morning


Them are some nice ass roots! :+1:t3::+1:t3:


Hopefully thats enough to calm down that nute burn


sorry I didn’t get to answer earlier I’m at work I work the night shift but I very much so appreciate it I’m still learning a little I’m putting 10 mL of hydroguard in with every change and 10 milliliters of protect keep me posted on how your little girl is doing


It’s cool I dont get on here tooo much. Yea I do the same thing with hydrogaurd but not the other. I usually throw some cal mag since they love their cal haha @mgolden1313


I thought about buying some cal-mag but the fert im using has no urea nitrogen and has all micro-nutes says it supplements needing cal-mag hope i don’t learn the hard way i done a lot of nute research what brand do you use I’ve only tried foxfarm and dyno-gro


Looking good dude! :+1: