Is my girl happy?


I just wanted to check out if everything is all fine. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies. I feel like having dad feelings for this plant


looks pretty good.!
a little stretchy, might wanna lower the light some.!


I saw the same thing as @SlowOldGuy. Otherwise, healthy, and you can bury that long stem when you transplant. A light breeze on her, just enough to get the stem to wiggle, with strengthen her stem. Looking good :+1: If you’re getting dad feelings, you’re doing it right :wink:


cut pipe cleaner in half, make loop to support stem. LOWER LIGHT…or…GET BETTER LIGHT!!!


I agree with those above.


Hay @dbrn32, @tanlover442, @elheffe702, @SlowOldGuy
Thanks for the responses and yea it’s pretty obvious what I have to after reading through this :smiley:
Have a nice day