Is my girl flowering early?


Welcome welcome @XPKush . At first glance, I would agree the first one looks female but without seeing it up close it’s hard to tell. Like @Ragnar said, give it a few days. He or she will let you know! :yum:

Love your XPerience story by the way! :sunglasses:

My ladies are just getting into week 8 as well.


Thanks @Ragnar @bluntley420. It has been weeks but my plants has not yet shown prominent signs of gender but I took a real close look today and saw small hairs on both plants! It was really hard to see with one glance and hard to capture with my camera. I just don’t know why it took this long to see these signs. Is it because of the strain or the light sched? I am following a certain feed sched using gen hydroponics. It’s quite a hard first grow but I am happy to see that my first 2 grows are girls.


Congrats it’s a girl! How long have they been vegging for now?


Hey everyone my first grow I have the white widow fem. How long should they be in veggie. They are 3 weeks.



They should have already started or are just about to. The remaining 7 weeks or so will be flowering.


That is if they are autoflowering (meaning they flower at Veg week 2-3 no matter what and are ready for harvest by week 10 or so)

A non-auto or regular feminized White Widow will veg for 2-4 weeks and be ready for harvest 8-10 weeks after that (flower)



Thanks! I vegged them for 6 weeks. Right now, It has been 20 days since I first saw the signs of flowering and I am a bit worried because from the time my plants showed pistils it seems that they are flowering way too slow. I’ve seen some posts where their flowering cannabis bloomed just after 2 weeks but, mine are like budding slower than normal. What can I do?

P.S I am using gen hydroponics trio + cali magic. 1/2 tsp FloraMicro, 1/8 tsp FloraGro, 1/2 tsp Flora Bloom, and 1/2 tsp CalMag mixed in almost 4 liters of water. My grow room’s RH spiked from 45-65 to 70-80 but I don’t know if that affects bud growth. My room temp sometime spikes at 30 degress celcius because I live in a teopical country.

I Appreciate all your feedbacks a lot!