Is my first defoliation acceptable? Thanks

Hello, first timer here. I am 2 weeks into flowering and just defoliate for the first time . Is this acceptable? Here is a before and after. Thanks


First time grower here just hanging out in the forums and have no idea about pruning but that’s a huge difference :face_with_monocle:

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Yes. Looks good. You did a moderate trim. Suggest waiting two weeks then trim again.
Let them go long and the pay off is very noticable. Might even have to support individual buds to keep from breaking stem. Might also consider topping twice while young.

Seriously, looks like you understand how to love your plants. Should be a really good summer harvest. Keep us updated with pics.

@AutoMattik, I think that looks good, but I am a beginner here. I think letting the light hit all the good spots will help.

I am a noob and I see a big diff, but what exactly did you trim away? Just big fan leafs?

Looks acceptable to me.

Thanks for the advice. My second grow will be much better. I am learning a lot as I go.

@imSICKkid would know best I think…
This sounds like it’s up your alley…

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truthfully, we all learn as we grow. each grow is diff. and challenges to be dealt with.
BUT, it’s so nice to smoke clean weed and not have to deal with the scruffy criminal element.

Look fine. They look further along than 2 weeks tho. If thats truely 2 weeks of flower your gonna have some good size buds.