Is my coco any good

Has anybody used growit coco. Is it washed already? Buffered? Theres no info on the package. Dont want to go through the trouble of washing. Rather go buy some i dont have to wash.


The commercial coco is washed and buffered.
It doesn’t say either way about the noncommercial grade products.
I have used GrowIt as part of my soil mix. I like the grade and mix of the Mix Brick. I did not wash or buffer it when I add it to soil. As a stand alone medium I would want to know. To be safe and have peace of mind, I would wash and calmag it. It may be worth contacting Hydrofarm.

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Thanks, I have left my question on their website and the response says they will have someone contact me. For 10 bucks I’m not interested in washing it I’ll just pick some up at my local grow store still same price they say they carry roots organics and that it’s been triple washed. I would just like to hydrate it with the jacks I’ve purchased and not have to mess with the washing. I saw that they say their commercial product is clean. Thanks for responding. Hope your weekend is awsome.

The difference between a $10 brick and a $10 bag is a lot of volume. I’m also going to buffer my coco, whether the seller says it’s already been done.

A 5 gallon bucket with holes in it works fine. Same with a tote.


And buffering is pretty easy all it is throwing the fabric pots of medium into buckets of cal mag water, soak it a day or 2 , pitch the water, soak it again a day or 2 then drain/ dry it

Says right on your pic in the fine print.

Ecit oh I c that’s the commercial in the pic sorry :v:

Waters free, I’ll rinse it just to be sure. Thanks
I’ll check the rinse runoff then I’ll know