Is my black cream auto ready?

I think she is about a week away. Started my flush last week. This is a bud from the lower part of my girl. Please let me know what you great people think @dbrn32 @Donaldj @Countryboyjvd1971



As a test to see if I’m learning anything here…
Just a noobie statement,correct me if I’m wrong. I see mostly cloudy tricks but still see some clear. No amber at all yet. Is a bout a week away about right?
Awesome :clap: bud porn BTW. Trikes galore, pretty colors.


I’m the same. Some cloudy some still clear and no amber. That’s why I think I’m about a week away. I started flush at week 7. Jan 12 was week 8.

I see pretty much same as you guys. Have just about all the pistils turned? Maybe a pic of the tops that shows just about the whole plant?

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I concur with my colleague @Greasemonkey , though I wouldn’t fixate on a week. The plant dictates the calendar, not the other way around.

Very nice job on that plant, by the way. did you lower temps to get the colors to pop?


Pics of my girl. @Greasemonkey @dbrn32 @PhantomFarmer @garrigan62



Good looking lady. It’s all about your preference on when to harvest. I wait till mine are mostly cloudy then I’ll leave them in the dark for 2 days and those days usually mature them right up, but every plant is differwnt and so is every grower. Those are some nice colorful buds mu friend.


That’s about the same as buds I harvested lastnight but I am looking for the energetic high not couch lock on this round :wink:


Yep, those are about there unless you’re looking for the heavy amber stone.


I have got to get my butt in gear and get ready for my next grow.
Now that I have got all my renters gone I can double my grow…woooHooo



What strain(s) are you thinking of? @garrigan62


The Fruity MixPack

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@Donaldj @dbrn32 garrigan65
After my flush the ppm was 189. Four days later after 2 L water ppm was 632. Tomorrow Jan 15 I will water again 2 L. This will be my final flush.

What ppm reading is acceptable before harvest? Will harvest on Jan 19.


And I have other seeds from a very close source that are kick ass seeds but what kind i have no Idea. And gender will be pot luck…lol

if you didn’t feed heavy whole time anything under 600 should be fine the tendency of people to over feed trying to push ever larger buds is why flushing came about. In some systems flushing isn’t even needed so long as you aren’t pumping your ladies full of PK boosters
I tend to simply stop feeding entirely by 6th week only addressing def if they arise little else greatly depends on how my plants look by then though if pistils are still all white and more growth is obvious I just feed lightly until they start to turn.


I don’t do a whole lot of monitoring runoff. I can’t say a whole lot of what Donaldj and I do is the same, but I feel we have similar methods to a point. I generally hit my plants pretty good with a pk boost at transition and maybe once more a couple weeks after. Then I kind of taper my feedings to molasses base at the end. Unless there’s a reason to do otherwise, then I try to respond accordingly.

Every nutrient line is a little different, and the goal of everyone’s grow is a little differnt. Researching and considering what everyone does is good, but only goes so far. Sometimes you need to do a little experimenting for yourself. So keep good notes and apply whatever you learn and your opinion of end results to next grow. If you think cured product from this run was a little harsh, back off on the next one. If you feel the product was top notch but lacked yield, maybe push the next one a little and compare. If you’re completely happy with this one, try your best to repeat on the next one.


That’s kind of what I am doing. Experimenting. The focus of this grow and I have 5 girls in various stages of flower, is yield. First two grows were somewhat successful but yield was 10 to 12 grams per plant. I managed to kill off 5 or so seedlings in first two grows. Over watering I’m sure was the culprit. Seems once I get beyond the first 3 nodes of growth I’m fine. Hence I have been cloning which to me has been successful but I have been cloning from clones. Do not have the room for mother plants (going to try grafting been watching @Donaldj thread). Seem to have my lighting somewhat under control (thanks @dbrn32 in my new flower tent) Still need lighting improvements but need the cash first. So with the lighting and tent this grow will hopefully and it looks that way yield much more the previous grows. What’s in store for grow 4? Well more experimenting and help from you awesome people. I have a Green Crack monster ready in a few weeks and will probably try some grafting on her. Grow 4.5 I guess.


Improved yields are about little tweaks topping a week earlier increasing or decreasing feed dosing lights an inch closer or further temps a few degree warmer or cooler. You would be quite shocked at how a little adjustment of something seemingly minor can produce different results


Couldn’t agree with that anymore @Donaldj. And it goes both ways, a little tweak in the wrong direction can cost just as much.

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Hey there, those are fascinating pics, your lady looks super cool, unless you looking for sleep aid, chop it, she is done…
Wonderful job !!!