Is my baby sick or is this a burn due to a drop being on the leaf? It looks like it spread over night!

Hello McLovin777:

What is your set up? It is very early to show these signs, but that looked like a real burn. It is not at the tips neither consistent throughout the edges of the leaf. Do you have updated pictures?

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They are under leds, this is the only one of the 4 that survived with any burns, and its maybe half a cm taller than the rest, so light burn is unlikely.
I have been messing around with ph up and down, so could certainly be that i dropped some acid on it (but i really doubt it)
They hzve been wanting to be transplanted for ages, im now going to transplant them to rock wool and put them in the dwc buckets, hopefully wont have any more trouble with this one (ir is the biggest) but the next 2 competitors are coming in very close and seem to be growing quicker - anyway thanks for your reply… miss? Monique :slight_smile:

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Yes, definitely it is not light and nut burn. I doubt also that may be a deficiency, however, that can be true if there is nutrient lock up due to pH problems or root bound. I had the same problem after transplanting my Prima- having those similar random dead-burnt spots. Now she is gorgeous.
Keep an eye on new leaves, and evaluate the evolution of those already affected- they will not recover but the new ones will show if there is a real problem.
What strains are you growing?

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A few :slight_smile: we haveeee special queen in the 10 bubblers and one skunk XL and one choc haze mhmmmm chocolate haze…
Type mclovin in the search and you can check out the set up if you fancy, its pretty sexy if i do say so myself.
Pleasure is mine Mon