Is my auto WW shorter and more leafy than it should be?

Hi guys, if you’d like to read from the beginning, I have a thread in the beginner > Seeds section…

I have a Auto WW that is almost 3 weeks old now, and I’m not sure if it is looking normal.

I’ve never seen a cannabis plant, so this is all new to me. :slight_smile:
She is only 3 inches tall, at the most, and is nothing but leaves.

I know you want a bushy plant, but this seems like overkill…

She needs a larger home. Check your P H and cut back on the water.


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Again my friend it doesn’t look too bad but you got something going on with the new seedling the stem is purple, I’m suspicious that things are too wet in your system. I really wish you’d consider soil, much easier to Monitor and control -best wishes

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I can’t agree any more. Will be much better off.


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The size is not a problem in a deep water culture tote like in this instance, the roots will grow into the tub and the stem will get plenty big, the net pot might not be re-usable for next time, but those are very inexpensive.

I’d make sure water temps are staying low enough in the reservoir, lower than 72F if at all possible and not much lower than about 65F as well as making sure the water has enough aeration – this is likely the cause of the purple stem in this instance, too low dissolved oxygen in the reservoir.

Happy growing,


Thanks for the replies guys. :slight_smile:
I plan on giving DWC a few test runs before giving up. :wink:

If the results aren’t what they should be after a few tries, I will be trying a soil grow.

Now, we are talking about the Auto Blue berry seedling, not the White Widow, right?

I am fighting warm reservoir temperatures.
I just raised the light a little to see how that might affect them.

Ok guys, time for more pics.

Let me know how they are doing please guys?

This is the auto WW.

I lifted the LED just a tad, and I think I notice that the leaves are lifting and straightening out a little more than they used too.

Before they seemed on the droopy side.

It sprouted 22 days ago, so I’m now wondering when it’s going to start flowering… and when I should give it some flowering nutes…

If you need more pics, just let me know. :slight_smile: