Is my auto ever going to flower? Or is it a fem

Hi guys my plants are 42 days old but one just is not flowering I grew them from seed from a good supplyer but you never know I think one could be a fem wat do you guys think the plant that is ok had had it’s buds about 7days nowimage image image

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It will flower I have seen them be a month apart . Each plant is different.


Thank you then pics r 3days old and still no flower but it’s nearly caught up to the other one in height and it’s got bushier so just sit and wait it ok to be giving it the PK13/14 still of should I wait till it really starts to show then start giving it again. And the pics I put up are of both plants!! Just to be sure no one thinks there all of the bad plant

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Continue with the foliage netes until flowering then go to bloom nutes.

Ok I have them on24/0 do you think I should go to 12/12 or will that affect the good one in yield I mean

Yes Autos like 12 12

Would it kick the other in to flower faster you think??well either way if it was a fem I’ll know then won’t I just don’t want it to affect the one that’s really looking good if I flip to 12/12

Will not hurt it at all lots of people grow Autos 12:12 start-finish. All plants need a rest . Or dark cycle.


Ok cool thanks for advice much appreciated

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You’re welcome Good luck go flip the switch.

Same issue here… I am brand new @ growing. At the medical dispensary they don’t stock the strains I NEED​:pray:t4::seedling::seedling::sun_with_face::v:t2:

Are they both the same autos??wat age are they??and how long has the other had that bud growing

Autos are like hearding cats. Just never know when they will be nice to you. Flipping to 12/12 may help, but my autos took 11 weeks to flower even though they were 12/12 from seed.

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You got a few good responses to this in another thread as well. You could just have recessive auto gene.

HI there,

Autos sometimes take a bit longer than others. I wouldn’t worry too much. I have 2 auto flowers at the moment and i have my light cycle on 20/4 throughout the entire grow. I personally would not do 12/12 as you are giving your autos a lot less light therefor they wont grow as big in the short amount of time autos have. ALTHOUGH I’m sure 12/12 will be fine if you have a great light setup, with a lot of light.
Autos are not like photo periods plants so it really does not matter what light cycle they have they will always grow and flower regardless of the light they are getting. The only difference would obviously be their size depending on the light they get.

I have read a lot of articles regarding autos and from what i understand 20/4 is a great light cycle for them.

This is obviously just from my personal preference, and from a lot of research, i am no means a professional yet.

Here are some pics of my 42 Day old Auto. (she started pre-flowering round day 35)


Hey there thanks for your input here is my 2 autos you will tell which one is not flowering I don’t know if you know but one is reluctant to flower so that’s y I’m changing the light cycle and there’s a pic of the but sites on the one that’s behind my plants are also about 45 days old let me know wat you think they are in dark and just been watered so they drooping a bit


Okay no i understand what you are trying to do with the 12/12… hmmmm i think maybe give her a few more days and she what she does.(some autos do take longer than they are advertised for) Are there absolutely no signs of pre-flower yet ? as it is quite hard to see on the picture if she might have a pre-flower signals…

They are beautiful though! Good job!

Thank you here are some better pics of inside the plant it’s dark so I did my best to try get some of the tops and she needs tidy up a bit as well

So i have tried zooming to see if i see preflowers but its quite difficult as the pics are a bit blurry but here are some pics for you to compare and see if you see the preflower.

male-pre-flower-tiny-closeup pre-flower%202 pre-flower

Yes it’s full of them is this wat you mean it also has them pistols as well