Is my Amnesia Haze Ready for Harvest


My first time growing Amnesia Haze Auto Flower. The buds are starting to look funny on the tops. There getting real heavy to the point sticks are required to hold them up.


You have some major foxtailing going on


Can’t tell from that pic, get a magnifying glass to check trichomes


if trichomes are cloudy then yes.


Looks like youve still got alot of white pistils. Need to wait & youll be happy you did.


@dshropshall you aren’t still giving them Grow nutrients are you? What week flowering are you in? Have you or do you intend to use ripening nutes?


Most likely it is due to too much heat/light meaning that your light is too close or its genetic, but what I can see, the foxtailing that is going on looks very ununiformed which leads me to believe that its heat/light issues. I know, most people would ridicule me for associating Foxtailing as being associated with uniformity bc they typically tend to just be sporadic in their growth but strains that that have higher chances, genetically, to Foxtailing in a more uniformed formation, albeit still looks strange, but still relatively maintains that typical Cola shape.
Foxtailing caused by heat or light issues can actually lower the potency of the finished product but genetically prone strains that foxtail bc of genetics dont typically see any significant drop in THC levels.
Another theory is that giving your plant Grow nutes too late into flowering can promote fishtailing. A lot of strains when given Grow nutes late in the Flowering period combined with a low PPM or TDS, are prone to a sort of reboot in the plant to start another flowering period. Of course the 2nd so called Flowering onset won’t be near what the 1st one, real one was. But as long as it’s looking healthy and your triches are cloudy with a hint of amber, I’d say yank 'em.
Each and everyone of us are still learning something different from each grow, and we’ve all been there in the beginning so just be patient do as much research as you can on the strain that you intend to grow and find out what they’re susceptible to.


I moved the lamps up several weeks ago, no nukes for several weeks now. One plant has brown leaves because I mistakenly nuked it twice.
Thanks for your advice, I didn’t know what to call "fox tales"
This is my first attempt at growing indoors. I have a green house and in the spring, summer and fall I just leave the plants to them self’s, adjust the soil and the flowers are perfect. This is the 8th week of flowering.
Thanks for all your help


This is an Auto Flower and I noticed the lights were timed for 18 hrs/day. Would this cause foxtailing? I’ve adjusted the time to 12 hours/day now. I thought that being Auto Flower it didn’t make a difference with the lighting.


@dshropshall I’d bet $10 to a donut that is the exact cause… don’t feel bad, I’ve mistakenly left a 18 / 6 cycle running on through the 4 first weeks of flowering. Everything turned out all right but a friend of mine definitely messed up at the end, mistakenly having an 18/6 on which caused way more Foxtailing.