Is more or less trichome development due to strain , enviroment,or feeding


Gday just curious on trichome development is it due to strain ,environment,feeding or some other factor as I have a white widow which is very solid but little trichome development where the AK47& damnesia 5 weeks in flower are snow covered same environment same feeding, watering ,ECT .1 photo white widow 2 photo Damnesia


I believe all of the above effects trichomes production. I do know with white widows they tend to produce a lot of trichomes in the later stages. The white widows I grew last year produced a lot of trichomes in the last 2 weeks of flowering.

Those look fantastic by the way!


A more in depth explanation about trichome development.

Trichomes are formed as a protective layer to the plant. The way they were bred can simply be about trichome production or better phrased trichome production can be caused by mainly genetics, but other factors as well.

These other factors would be when it gets to hot, to help again protect the plant. Certain strains will show differences due to the phenotypes and genotypes also dominant and recessive alleles. This has to do with how plants grow vegitatively, as well as give off visual traits such leaf pattern and shape, and then visual traits in flower that it gives off is bud structure and development, trichome production, color, smell, taste, and overall appearance. This can also be why you experience different highs from the same strain.

Then pests also contribute to this factor if you have pests around they will form a thicker layer in order to protect them self do to the oils and terpines the plants emit as well as the resinous material it contains (the thc). Not saying pests are a good thing they are bad lol.

Humidity and temps can also play a big factor in trichome production so safe to say (a proper and healthy growing climate they can thrive in).

I hope this information helps it was a stretch remembering this lol @mantas


truly genetic’s is your answer - but one can use a tepene and essential oil product to enhance them “Terpinator”


Terpines are how plants emit smell and odor as well as produce a stronger taste, produce more oily flowers, you want a good answer read the post above lol


Holy crap they are perky


sorry !!! thanks for getting it straight for me !!!


Hey all information is awesome it is a real help to have as much knowledge when growing as there is so much variation when learning about cannabis .Its a massive help CHEERS:smile:


My pleasure you need the help ask ill be around or am usually around lol

Cheers, happy growings my friend happy I was able to help


Terpinator will have to look it up my last grow I tried unsulphured molasses but I saw no difference in trichome development and that was feeding from early veg straight through the flowering cycle.Then again I was feeding a tablespoon 1 a week maybe more may have been more productive unsure.But gave it a go.Thanks will definatley read up on terpinator Cheers.


Yhea there getting there surprised at the development 5 weeks in but I am not complaing .:smile:


Cheers mate will definatley let the white widow go 9 weeks or more as the 2 grows I have done the with this strain has produced low trichromes but makes up in weight and size and has a very strong head high so maybe iam just picky and should stop complaing and be pleased with what I recive from the lovely lady :laughing:


@mantas LOL​:joy::joy:


you will not be disappointed !! there are only a hand full of (2) products that do this