Is manicuring dry Bud really necessary?

So after hanging to dry, when the branches snaps wo any strings, ya cut the Bud off the stem. After that, ya got this ugly-looking nugget, full of trichomes all over, the lil sugars poking out. Why cut all of that off just for looks?! I could smoke that, right?

My 1st grow was a Hermèd-out zombie palm tree that I did a lot wrong with, but I still smoked everything but the stems. It was so smooth to smoke and I think it being weak made it more enjoyable for lil ole me. I only smoke about 1-2 grams a day. They was a good plant, just weak.

As a beginner, I’m not getting a big yield, like 15-28 grams a plant and that’s with just removing fans and sticks, dry weight. I’m still working on making my soil last for autos and I need to stop harvesting at week 9-10 so faithfully. I don’t get much per plant and I clearly wanna smoke for free as much as I can.

If my unmanicured Bud is good for me, why cut a good half of it away to make it look pretty? It’s not helping dry cause it’s dry when I start grinding it. I’m humble and I don’t need much, but why waste so much of the sticky stuff?

Websites are gonna push to make us throw away a whole plant if we see one ball on the main stem and to throw away half our yield as chaff. I’m asking y’all, real smokers who grow for themselves, unsponsored, unmotivated to fib. Real talk, why should I trim away half of each nug, when I could smoke that???


I do a rough trim and leave it at that. I either smoke it myself or give it to a handful of people who know I grow. I don’t mind it and no one is going to complain about a few sugar leaves in free weed.


My trim always has some of the sugar leaves on just like you are saying. …when I get ready to smoke that bud is when I may pull some of the bigger leaves off along with the small branches because in reality these items don’t carry much THC in them and tend to be a harsher smoke… or just smoke it all


I do a very loose trim and only remove sugar leafs. I do not trim into the bud to shape it or make it tight. bag appeal doesnt matter to me any. I only remove the sugar leafs to make the smoke as smooth as possible.


I just loose trim. Unless I get a few whoppers with just incredible structure, then I’ll give it the business.


The longer I’ve been trimming a grow the uglier the nuggets get


Ty y’all. I wonder if someone will come in with they glasses on and tell us different.

Do y’all do anything with the stems? My buddy said to boil em, but they’re not water-soluble and that sounds gross. I’m thinking about building a log cabin. Jp. What do y’all do with em? Just toss em?


Harsh bro why smoke harsh leaves when you can smoke smooth bud. Shake the trics off and get the Keefe


Im with you @Coonass thats exactly what i do

Omgoodness I’m so sorry :disappointed:

Good question , Personally I trim my buds up nice before putting into jar to cure. I guess that would be up to each Individual. Happy growing :v:


My stems just go into my outdoor vegetable bed. who knows maybe ill grow intoxicating mators!


Our first harvest, lord willing, is coming. We have heard terms tossed around, like LARF, trim jail to name a few.

 When you have paid for every thing you have ever smoked your whole life, 

and are fixing to reap what you have sewed for the first time, bring on the trim jail and larf, if its frosted, for now, its trimmed and kept until mama and i know we are at least sucessful novice growers and then we discover what larf is.

This question is like, do you still bend over and pickup a penny?. There are some who never will because their glasses have always been full, and those who will because theirs has been less than full.
Its necessary to those that have a need, …


Larf is the smaller bottom buds on the plant that’s not tight and feels soft and spongy. We usually make oils or edibles out of it but there’s nothing wrong with smoking it at all. For those who has a huge stash … glass runneth over it’s not desirable congrats on your 1st grow :muscle:t2::100: if you need anything just holla at me

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What I grow my wife smokes. She tells me I should leave more sugar leaves. So, sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. It doesn’t take long to know what bud was clean and what had more sugar leaves. :smoking: :smoking: cough!
Reasonably clean but not obsessive


I jusr read a thread from Aug. That mentioned you grow for your wife. I remembered that as i read it again.

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Other than her reactions I don’t know how it smokes. It does smell good though.


Just learned about the keefe and my new weed trimmer.
The trim basket has 150mesh with 220 available.

I pluck fans and large sugar then call it good anymore. Havent used scissors last few harvests.

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My job is to trim and my wife does the growing. It all depends on where the bud is going as to how I make it look. Mostly a rough trim.