Is it worth it to keep on growing?

The 2 red cups, 1 in front Cal Dream planted 2-3-19 the one in the back BBK planted 2-10-19. The other 2 seedlings are from my Maui x LSD herm.

Question is about the first 2. The Cal Dream seed in water 2-3-19 sprouted tail on 2-5-19 and put in soil. I put it in FFOF. I did not know it was considered a hot soil and I think it stunted it. Now 2-27-19 it has roots coming out bottom of cup. Last night I flushed it 3-4-5 times and today I put it in the new tent under the 260xl. It is full strength and 15" above plant. It was 4 " under Aerogarden led up to now. Is it worth trying to continue to grow? Can it still turn out ok?

Without too much more the BBK is about the same just one week behind. Same questions? Keep it going?

Now the other 2 seedlings are from my Maui plant that I pollinated from a herm flower on the LSD. They look like they are doing well. They were planted on 2-21-19- in the seedless mix without presoaking. The 3 smaller peat pots planted same day with BBK, CalDream, and Blue Dream. Nothing showing yet. I am not having good luck with this batch of IGLM seeds. I have 2 left out of 5 on each and just the 2 stunted ones so far. I am going to try soaking 1 more each and then see if I can get replacement seeds possibly.

I was ordering Sledgehammer the other day and by mistake ended up with FF Bushdoctor Boomerang. Maybe I will try some on the two plants? Worth trying or not/

I would heavy flush with ph’d water and give them some time you may be able to save them still

You shouldn’t really flush seedlings, and your qb light is likely too close at that power level for them too. I would raise light to about 24" and dim it quite a bit. Then allow those cups to dry out some.

Once the seeds pop they usually spend some time building root base before they grow much. If they’ve been over watered it will slow the process.

@dbrn32 I just put them under the light yesterday. I did dim it to 50%. Previously they were under the Aerogarden led lights. Both seedlings looked weird from the start and I am going to try now the 4th out of 5 seeds I got from each as none of the others even sprouted. The last 3 that you see in the pic that did not sprout were planted at the same time, same spot and conditions as the 6 Maui x lsd seeds and of those 2 more came up today so I actually have 4 out of six of those sprouted. So I am thinking something severe happened to the last seeds I got mailed. I thought it was me but since I planted the last batch and most of my seeds sprouted I have to believe something is up with the latest IGLM seeds.The first two batches of IGLM seeds I ordered I got nice sprouts out of most of them so far. All are IGLM seeds. I just need to find out where to go to ask for replacements.

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Anything with seeds would need to go through customer service. If you have confirmation email from your order I believe that info is on there. If not, let me know and I can go track down the proper info for you.

@dbrn32 Thanks I sent them an email. It could be me or the seeds, I dont know. The first 3 varieties from the first order all grew fine. The last 2 recent orders I am having trouble with. If my own seeds had not sprouted so fast on the last planting right along side of the BBK Cal Dream, Blue Dream seed in the same heat pad, water and mix, I would say it was me but now not so sure.

Yup got me. I’ve never really had issues germinating, one here or one there type stuff. So I don’t really have any personal experience with the process, just what others have posted.

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Its got Me too.Usually the same experience. Germination was always the easiest thing. Well it will get figured out. Now over to the other thread on my new grow tent. That is a nice new experience :smiley:

@RAP if you have roots out of the bottom of the cup, it’s time for a transplant.

The plant doesnt feel right. Never did. It is almost crunchy. I am waiting to hear back about the seeds. I only got 2 plants out of 9 seeds from last seed order. I got 5 out of 6 sprouts on my own seeds. Same soil heat water, side by side.

I want to just try a couple more seeds and get a couple healthy plants ready for when Maui/NL clones are harvested in 5 -6 weeks. I have not tried the Bergmans Gold seeds yet. may try them and another LSD while I get the BBK/CalDream and BlueDream figured out.

Get a cooler grow medium, do not over water the seedlings and get some humidity domes over them.
You can transplant to a cooler seed medium.

@Hungrybud Thanks I did that. Seedlings have been a lot better lately. I started using an organic seeding mix and using FF Happy Frog/Perlite 2/1 and it seems to be going well.

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