Is it worth an upgrade,,,,,,,

Hi I moved up from a 2x2x4 tent to a 3x3x6 tent, currently using mars tsw2000w light which I’m pretty happy with. My question is, is it worth the expense to upgrade to an hlg light and if so, which one would be best?

Hlg has the better value, and higher efficiency. What size space are you lighting?


This one for a 3’x3’.
You won’t regret it.


I don’t see why people answer or try to answer without reading the very first post


My fault!

it’s a 3x3x6 tent

I’m getting confused, the mars tsw2000w that I have now is I think 300 watts, you say to get the HLG 260w QB V2 rspec . Isn’t that going down in watts? I was thinking the HLG 320 is what I’d need. I’m so confused!!! lol sorry guys.

MH claims the TS2000 is 310w actual draw. HLG claims the 260 is 285w max.

If you want to upgrade, I’d say you’re right about the 320.


Of course its worth upgrading to HLG lights. Well worth the investment. :+1::+1:


The Mars light is a Ford Fiesta. The HLG is a Porsche.


ok, so the 320 is where I should go right? Thanks to everyone for their inputs. Anyone want to buy a Mars Hydro ts2000w ? lol

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I’ve seen plenty of great grows under Mars. I’m sure HLG is better quality, but it’s not enough better for me to spend $300 to replace a light I already have, with a higher wattage rating.

HLGs are great, if they’re in your budget. If not, there are cheaper alternatives like Mars and Spider Farmer that will get the job done.


I will take my 2 lb plus dried, cured and no stems for a crop vs 3.31 oz dried, cured and no stems.

Mars simply suck.

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I might be interested at the right price, but I think the mods would have a fit if we did that. lol

Nope you will get banned. :+1::+1::+1:

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aloysius that is my whole question in a nutshell. Is the investment worth to spend more money and only get a few more watts.

@dbrn32 might be able to help you with your decision. He’s excellent with lights.

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He will tell you HLG is way better. I spent $450 on subapr lights. Like many have here. There is a reason why you will see growers post the response in favor of HLG.

Until you have grown with them, you only hear the end result. My max was 3.31oz dried, cured and no stems to achieving iver 2 lbs dried, cured and no stems. This wasn’t from growing with subpar lights.

will he see this since you put his name in or should I try to contact him separately?