Is it weird my auto is past 12 weeks and showing no sign its ready to harvest

I have a ggauto thats twice the size of all my other plants and it should be harvest time. I keep checking with my loupe and clear crystals. I guess my question is will an autoflower just keep growing or do they decrease in quality the longer they go

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It happens all the time.
It looks very good and is still packing on new flowers.
I have had them go way past the published estimate of flower time.
Once all the white pistils turn brown you will be close. The harvest info Midwest posted is great.
There is nothing odd about a plant taking a long time to mature. Seed sellers post those flowering times but the truth is most plants take longer to mature.


Okay cool i knew this plant was different since it started budding, it grew fast and tall but has been budding so slow and its around 14 weeks and looks like it need another 2 or 3 judging by the tricombs and pistols.


Once I learned how different each individual cannabis plant can be I no longer worry about a lot of the stuff I used to. They just do do their thing and I wait till they are done.


I have numerous autos right now that are at the 12 weeks mare and no where near ready yet. This is a wild plant. That cola is awesome. Take your time. Be patient. Wait for the trichs to say, “I’m done.”


I have a Bruce Banner auto that popped her head above ground on Feb 25th and all my trichomes are still clear too. Guess she’s 14 weeks old too today! Wow, time flies when they’re growing up!

But I’ll happily wait another 3 weeks for her to fatten up and ripen, and mine is a lot farther along than yours looks! Need to take some pics of her tonite when the lights come back on. This was her 2 weeks ago…