Is it true flowers don't use light

I read recently that leaves use the light and the flowers don’t use light and can not even process the light only the leaves do this. @Donaldj @Countryboyjvd1971 @Covertgrower


I’ll set this to watching. If seems to me that any part of the plant that’s green is photosynthesizing and therefore using light. But I’m not any type of scientist except mad.


I agree with @PhantomFarmer anything green does photosynthesis. However someone with more experience may say something different. @Sirsmokes

So many schools of thought rather funny topic us old school trained growers are firm believers of not pruning during flower that every leaf is a solar panel. The reason this topic comes about is some new approaches to growing attempt to mimic a more outdoor like plant which tend to get too bushy and have issues with mildew and airflow. Trimming and pruning outdoors tended to produce equal sized buds some brought this into an indoor growing to provide a consistent sized product for industry sales. As a personal use grower I don’t need all my buds to look perfect and don’t limit natural growth by attacking healthy plants with scissors during flower.
The misconception comes about when people look at top kolas in the lights verse lower buds this is an adaptation plants developed to increase it’s reproduction odds. Flowers on any plant have better odds pollenating other plants by being taller letting gravity and wind do the hard work so the plant sends majority of energy to the flowers and buds in best light which will have less obstructions and be more likely to catch pollen. This is the reason super cropping and Scrog grows work well it is not that buds are producing energy in the light you still need the sugar factories Buds are basically fruits you wouldn’t remove the leaves from a cherry tree they produce the sugars and store them in the fruits. Cutting fan leafs though letting light in to buds reduces the building blocks to fatten up those buds


Ive seen some inside plants that look like bonsai trees out side too but near as much

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I only prune to create more air flow if the plant is real bushy
Otherwise i leave all leaves on
@Donaldj explained it well

Heee another link that may help explain this
@Aquaponic_Dumme has a thread that its on some of these points


@MacGyverStoner would probably have a detailed thought on this subject, though I do like Donald’s answer…

Yes I like it but still left confused a little bit. This go around I have decided to do nothing except keep bottom leaves cleaned up so nothing is touching the coco.

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@Donaldj @Countryboyjvd1971
Good info there, but got me too late so I’ve already defoled my mid bloom baby. I tried not to get too rude, but cut the leaves that were away of the light or shaded my buds. The point I was sticking to - cut fans if the branch already had sugar leaves on the buds.
Do 1-finger sugar leaves produce food for the plant?
And whether that food generated by one leaf can be used by the bud in another side of same/near/far branch?
Many thx :raised_hands::green_heart:

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energy changes form and should move through whole plant


ty! but is there any difference at this point between fan & sugar leaves?

fan leaves draw water up your plants through evaporation therefore they pull sugars and oils up as well in laymen terms


Thank you for the very understandable explanation as I also screwed up my last grow which was my 1st. Since then have learned as growit said "just let that baby grow, sister " I reduced my harvest by half or more from trimming in veg and flowering.