Is it too soon to take a clone from this plant?

It isn’t. You can take clones up until you get into flowering.

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I just didn’t know if my lower branches were big enough to take a clone

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Sorry, I misread your message. I read it as “too late.” It looks like you’ve topped? You could take the topping and use it for a clone. I would wait a bit and take a cutting from the boxed site in the pic off the lower node. You really want your clone to have a couple of nodes of its own before you take the cutting.

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Yes I have topped once about a week or two ago, was also wondering when I should top again and how to do it.

You’ll have 2 new tops (red box.) You’ll want to top her again above at least the 3rd node on those new tops, and it’s best to wait a bit, as the plant will recover faster. I always cut my tops leaving an inch of stem above the node below where you’ve cut. It will help ensure that you get good knuckles for your 4 new tops.

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Thanks for your feedback i left almost no stem for that first top you see there. Will I run into issues because of that ?

It will be fine. It will just take longer to get as strong.

I think so. Wait til you have a chute with at least 3 nodes.

The bottom branch has 3 sets of leaves

I would say hold off until you have a side shoot that has more than three nodes and take that one.

I know it’s spelled chute but I mostly dictate to text and I’m in an argument with my iPhone . She tries to make me look really stupid. I’ve got news for her.