Is it too late to top my plant?

Hi All,

So last year was my 1st grow and it came out great. I was able to top my plants and do the mainline method. I’m growing outdoors in 10 and 12 gallon pots. This year I’m growing Purple Haze. However when I topped three of the plants I cut too much and now I’m gun shy about topping the others.

So my question is this. I have three more plants. One of them is 24" tall and has 6 nodes. Is it too late to top her? I would really like to duplicate what I did last year, but this girl is twice the size of the others so I was wondering if I could still top her or should I just leave her alone?

Thank you all for your advice

What hemisphere are you located in?

Oakland California

You’ve got til like august before it flowers. I’d say not too late at all to top. I usually stop doing stuff like that about second week of July.

Ok cool. I was just wondering if 6 nodes was too tall to top. So I will go ahead and top her between the 3rd and 4th nodes.

Thank you for the information.

agree with @Deez , top away.

Never too late to top so long as you are managing the transition to flower (assuming a photo plant.)

I top my plants between 1 and 3 times before I flip them.

How long since you potted the plants from your propagation setup?

Also; How l;ong are your days sawn 'til dusk?