Is it too late to start?

Is it too late to order, plant and harvest feminized Girl Scout Cookies on the East Coast?

I would say its to late. Its getting close to harvest time in a month or so. I’m assuming you are talking about an outdoor grow


I agree too late. Besides I heard for an early cold snap and early winter.


Too late for an outdoor grow. Autos would almost work if you’re in an area that doesn’t see frost until November, but the plants wouldn’t get very big and you’d run the risk of unexpected cold weather destroying them.


Late May or June is when you want to plant outside, unless you have autoflowers and live in a frost-free area.

Definitely too late to order for a out door grow
We have just over of 13 hours of day light
And the season will be changing as well
Sorry but best grow indoors or wait till next season
Even autos would be a streach to finish in the NE at this stage