Is it too late to start autoflowers outside?

Zone 5 here Indiana. I thought about getting a last grow in before winter outside. Frost will happen within 30 days but I can bring the pots in. Do you think we have enough sunlight to make it happen?

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Autos really don’t care about a light schedule. They do what they want, when they want.

So if you can bring them in, go for it. :+1::+1::+1:


Nope, is what I say but I don’t know much
I’d think outside in your climate would be a no go

Can’t hurt to try if you have your heart set on it though

Oh your bringing them indoors, sounds good if you have light
Substantial amounts of light

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It really depends on the strain there’s some strains that claim to be able to grow even if there’s morning frost. I’ve never tried and don’t recall what the strain was I just remember reading it

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Our house was 39 degrees for 70 hr 9 min when they turned out power off due to the hard freeze in Feb. The plant did fine. She did foxtail but that was the only negative.

Geez I wouldn’t unless maybe you were in the southernmost states or Central America . I’d say even doing it mid September is cutting it closer then I’d like. Just do an indoor grow if you have a spare 600-900$

Long as you don’t leave them in the cold then you should have no problem.

Give it a shot. Experiment!

I’m in a similar climate. If you have seeds to burn give it a shot. I really don’t think it’ll be that great but who knows… keep an eye out for bud rot mold and wpm

what part of Indiana you from, i also am in Indiana

Fishers. Northeast of Indy.