Is it too late to prune?

My girls just started to flower last week. I never pruned them, other than removing yellowing leaves, so they’re fairly bushy (I’m growing Jack Herer and Bubblegum, but both are pretty bushy). Is it too late to remove the lower branches and offshoots?


No problem. Just don’t go too crazy all at once. A little here, a little there…


gals looking good! I take off some of the lower popcorn after flowering begins to encourage energy to the main colas.

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Your outside… no reason to remove anything…
We only do that inside to get the best light to the best part of the plant…
Don’t remove anything…



First of all, you have to commit to being a cultivator.

Cultivators aim to get the most produce out of the plant by interrupting the natural cycle.

By removing the large fan leaves and all of the immature bud shoots will increase yields and also help prevent bud rot and other fungal infections.

Understand the plant and the plant will reward you with a tremendous bounty.

(no disrespect to @peachfuzz )


Pretty sure you will soon be dealing with the horrible problem of branches getting too heavy and breaking…unless you install a bunch of support rods.

Dang…wish I had your problem…whimper, whimper. Maybe when Texas becomes a Free State…sigh…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:

You have a very good thing going on. Hope it continues. :smiley:


At this point any pruning will be for preventative or active maintenance on the plant. Flowering means vegetative is over so you wont be abke to do anything crazy to change much.

My suggestion would be to trim small bs away on lower end and also inside the lower center to increase available air movement and cut down chances of mold and rot etc. A lot of people will say to not trim or such but I think it really depends on where you are.


First of all, fairly certain we’re all committed growers, here. There are many ways to grow. It is absolutely not necessary to remove the undergrowth or old fan leaves, especially outside, but it is an option for those who choose to do so.


I’m hearing everyday about outside growers having bud rot. If it were me, I would trim for the best air flow. Pick carefully were you are going to cut.


Yes, I agree.


However, as I have learnt to my fecking dismay…

By damaging your plant, you leave it open to mould and bud rot.

I should have sealed each cut/pinch or used a hydrogen peroxide mix regularly to disinfect.

Increasingly I’m becoming aware that there’s no silver bullet to a good crop.

Right now, I’m fighting for better than 90% bud loss!


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Yeah you are right @jackowhee I recently read that it enters from the lower stem that has been damaged. Always clean you’re tools before cutting and try to get a clean cut. Low humidity and good circulation is key to letting mold set in which is hard to control outside I could imagine. I recently lost a plant to mold indoors, it’s no fun.

Can you remove all the fan leaves? Ive only removed a couple out of fear of messing up the plant.I’m 1 week into flower and indoors.

Grinder, fan leaves give your plant energy.

I have learnt from painful experience that cutting your plant at this stage may cause bud rot, If you do trim, either seal or disinfect.

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