Is it too late to LST this Autoflower?

As long as it is still in veg, it’s not too late.
A little more infor would help.


Just turned 4 weeks old last Friday and it’s working on its 9th and 10th nodes. I do not know what strain it is, got this seed a few years ago out of a bag.


Yes, you can still LST. Cheers!


Sweet good to know, thanks.
How would you suggest I LST this plant? It’s my first time.


It may not be an auto if it came from bag seed


Get some paper clips, the big ones that are black and have the flipping finger pieces. Clip that to your bucket, secure a piece of plastic coated wire (I recommend wire because of its’ ease of use). Take other end and make a bend in it. You will want to take this end and hook it around stalk between 1st node and 2nd. You only want enough tension to keep the stalk straight.

Follow above procedure, this time securing the clip and wire directly across from your first. This wire gets hooked between the 2nd and 3rd node, preferably 3rd node right under the leaves. Tighten wire until the stalk bends ALMOST halfway. You will feel the resistance when you get close to too much bend.

I highly recommend benting the plant so leaves are parallel to the dirt. This will cause the shoots to grow verticle, giving you multiple bud sites.

You will continue to move the wire every couple days as the shoots start reaching for the sky. The amount of LSTing is up to you. I am including several pictures to show timeline of how and when to bend-

Best of luck in your grow!


Go to the guide section of this forum and there is tips as well on how to LST. Also use the search bar above and that will lead you to a ton of post about LST. Good luck!

As mentioned above if it was from bag seed not likely to be an auto.


Thanks so much! And very nice plants btw.

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