Is it too late td do an outdoor grow

Hi all. This a gorilla glue auto. 19 days. Soil is dry now. My last run off was approximately 1200 tds? Ph was 7.2.
I mixed the soil
My question is should I feed nutes or just water to 5.8 to stabilize ph?
Thanks for your help

I know it need water now but should I add nutes ?


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This is a great place to ask your questions. I will tag a couple people. What is your soil?
@MeEasy @Borderryan22

I wouldn’t go that low with the ph , I think I would do something like 6.1-6.3 . Then the ppm I’m remembering 1000 being where to start feeding but I’ll tag someone I trust more than me on nutrients ph and ppm numbers. I’ve been doing organics for quite a while now and don’t remember what numbers to shoot for

@Newt can you help out with this sir

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Well… I haven’t grown autos. But a PPM of 1200 probably means you don’t need to feed this watering. As for pH. If it is in soil, shoot for 6.5.


Thanks for the reply. I mixed the soil myself.
Worm castings
Bat guano
2 coca bricks(hydrated then dried)
Small amount of pulverized dolomite
I actually had all on hand so tried to save some $


Thanks for the reply
Run off was 7.2
This is the soil meter

I use these nutes last feeding

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So I just watered. Water only 6.1 ph no nutes

My run off now is PPM 840, PH is 6.2.
My question is where should the PPM be before adding more nutes?
Thanks in advance.