Is it too early to tell

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This is my 3rd year growing and I hope these are not male plants. The pictures are from 3 of my plants and for the first time I’m seeing “ball sacs” on my flowers.

I’ll wait a while to make a final determination but I’d love to hear some opinions.

Hi @free-zone50 looks like you hit the button to soon, you have to wait for the pictures to finish uploading before you post it

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Try to upload again buddy

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That is a male.


Get the blue cigars…It’s a boy


Male unless u plan on pollinating a female to produce seed carefully cover with black bags and remove and destroy

Holy balls

Such a sad sight;


What happened bro

Male all the way. So sorry for your loss.

Burn it to the ground

Have read males can be used for edibles and tinctures

Maybe, but don’t risk polenating your girls or your neighbors.

Pollen from a male can infect plants up to a mile away…I would just take the loss.

Cut it bag it and move on. It happens to all of us. I had two boys that were 3-4 feet tall before they showed their balls…so dissapointed, but it happens every year.

Only way to mitigate it to buy feminized seeds.

But I also can resist germination of free bag seeds too…lol

Happy gardening

I hear ya, but I need seeds also…so Ima take it in the shorts
this season. Gotta check em with my glasses on…coulda sworn
it was all calyx all the time, then it’s stiff Sox in the corner of tha

Well every1 gonna know ungrow lol. Id keep that stuff hidden. Thats asking for someone to break in while ur not home. Sux all those males. Ur luck seems to be as good as mine. I only seem to get females from fem seeds lmao or autos. Regs are the way to grow tho

One surviving clone gone to hyper bud, trimmed out and ready to flower, again(?)

I live in a quiet oldster town…they only perk up when I’m smoking meat