Is it too early to know if I got a female?

This is better but i cant find pistils anywhere on this plant.

The other plant i posted that is showing, is two weeks younger then this plant too.

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Seems pretty female to me but whatdoiknow lol

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I dont see any pistils or male parts just have to be patient i know its the hardest part for me

I took this pic this morning. Is it still to early to tell if this plant is showing signs of being a male plant?

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Looks female but it is hard to tell can you get a better shot of this

See of this is any better. I cant find hairs on this plant anywhere pistils should be.

My vote is female. I would think from the time stamp that by now, 6/30, you should be able to tell for sure with a new pic in focus of the node crotch. Post it up and we will chime in.

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I want the 2 plants i am unsure on to be female. Ive got a 36 by 20 coming tomorrow. Gonna throw them both on 12/12 and see whay happens. Still no sign of hairs or pistils for 2 weeks now.

Just got the new 20 by 36 up and put the two i cant get to show their sex. They will start their 12/12 cycle today. If female these two are gonna be monster’s

This is fom the left plant

This is from the right plant.

I cannot find a single pistil or hair. Bith plants are roughly 2 months old. It will be a shame if i have to put them down