Is it too early to know if I got a female?

Welcome! Going to need much closer pics to the crotches of the plant to give you an answer.


Ok awesome thanks for getting bk gonna try now…

Lmk if that is what ya mean… Sorry bro I’m a newbie but love everything about the process…thx again

More along the crotches in these areas.


Female pictured.

Look for this…

This is a female.


Thanks alot for the help… Much appreciated…

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I cant tell if this plant is showing signs of being male or not.

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I don’t see any signs of either sex in that photo.

This plant was started at the same time as the previous. However this one is clearly showing signs of female.

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Was it a regular seed or feminized seed

These were regular seeds i found.

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Aha ok i had a look the bottom pic it looks like a possible female

@TeNNWisKeY @Greencrypto Welcome to the neighborhood :grinning: You have come to the right place.


This is a female see the white pistils or hairs sticking out ik they look yellow just my camera

A regular seed is it can be a male or female plant. A male plant with grow really aggressive and the female
plant will a lot smaller at first.

Feminized is usually a female plant. Long as nothing goes wrong which they can turn into a Hermie. Hermie can be male and female at the same time.

Can you get a better shot of the area circled here?

Zoomed in it looks like there maybe the start of male flower; like a tiny pod and stem. Pics from several sites might help too.

@Greencrypto @TeNNWisKeY Welcome to the place that holds all your canna answers!! Tons of great growers hanging about all pulling for your success lol!! Good luck and happy growing!!! :+1:t2::green_heart: